Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

Knowledge of the most important terms in international trade is crucial for mutual understanding. For example, one of the most common terms is “certificate of origin.” What is this document, and how to obtain it? What is the Certificate of … Read more

Transferring money to China

Transferring money to China

As soon as you sign a contract with your Chinese partner, the problem of transferring money to China arises. We no longer perceive China to be far from us – you can reach it by plane in a matter of … Read more

Will the Chinese export rate drop?

Will the Chinese export rate drop

Since the economic crisis hit, many have thought that the positive influence of the Chinese economy may somehow revert the unfavorable course of events. It swiftly recovered after 2009, reacted well to the governmental stimulus pack, and regained its previous … Read more

10 steps for your success in China

10 steps for your success in China

How to achieve success in China? We prepared a short guide for everyone who wishes to enter this promising market. If you want to start your business operations in China, you should remember the following 10 things. 10 steps for … Read more

Trade with China – Arbitrage in China

Trade with China - Arbitrage in China

It is not easy to avoid conflicts in business. It gets even more complicated when both parties come from different countries and represent different cultures and traditions. That’s the case with doing business in China. Sometimes the court passes the … Read more

Your trademark in China

Your trademark in China

China is the world’s largest manufacturer and home to the world’s largest middle-class market. Over 900 million people spend $22 billion every day. Before you tap into the Chinese market, make sure you protect your intellectual property. How to register … Read more

Baidu – a persistent search for the ideal


A typical internet user has several habits that he formed over the years. If we want to search for information, we usually open Google even without thinking. The corporation from Mountain View has practically monopolized the world’s internet search market, … Read more

WeChat – mobile communication, mobile business


Tablets and smartphones have conquered the Chinese market. There are over 970 million smartphone and 460 million tablet users in China. There is a lot of potential in the Chinese mobile apps market. Tencent Holding, which developed popular QQ messenger … Read more

China Visa policy – 72-hour free transit

China visa policy 72 144 hours

Everyone who visited China in the last few years is well aware that to go through customs and enter China, a valid visa is necessary. The procedure may not be complicated, and you can always ask some specialized company for … Read more

Export to China – types of business presence in China

Types of business presence in China

Registering a company in China is still a relatively complicated procedure, despite the fact that the People’s Republic of China authorities try to make those procedures easier for foreign businessmen. There are four basic types of business presence in China. Opening … Read more