Commercial contract with a Chinese company

When dealing with problems with an order from China, many companies don’t have a chance for a refund because they haven’t signed a commercial contract with a Chinese company. Don’t make such a mistake! Secure your order with a written agreement.

Preparation of commercial contract service includes:

In a commercial contract, we include:

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Risks when importing without the contract:

Don’t consider only an order cost, consider:

You protect not only the value of the contract but also the profits and your obligations.

Draw up a contract tailored to your needs:

Why is it essential to sign a commercial contract with a Chinese company?

Along with the Chinese company verification and quality control, a commercial contract is another recommended method of securing a transaction with a Chinese supplier. Remember that e-mail arrangements or proforma invoices from a Chinese partner do not protect importers in the light of the law. In case of any problems with the product (non-compliance with the order, warranty repair), failure to deliver products, etc., they do not constitute grounds for claims against a Chinese company. Only signing a contract will result in effective steps in China in accordance with Chinese law.

Many importers do business with China without commercial contracts. Don’t base your import on luck, and secure your business for the future. Even after many years of successful cooperation with the same supplier, a problem can surface unexpectedly. A contract may never come in handy, but it can become useful once, and in this one problematic situation, you will want to have it.

A contract is a tool for establishing the terms of cooperation. It shows your business partner that you take the transaction seriously.

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