Factory inspection in China

In addition to the Chinese company verification service (Credit Report), ExamineChina.com also offers a factory audit service in China (inspection of a Chinese company).

Thanks to the factory inspection in China, you can obtain all the information necessary for deciding if you want to cooperate with this supplier from China. 

What does the factory inspection service include?

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What does the Factory Audit report include?

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Why is it worth carrying out inspections in China?

The Factory Audit (Pre-production Inspection)is recommended for all the importers who especially care about detailed factory verification in the form of a visit on-site. On this basis, the importer will know the conditions in the factory during themanufacturing of the goods and make a decision about starting cooperation and production in this factory.

The inspection in China allows you to avoid possible fraud. They can be detected during the visit to the factory before the start of production. That’s why we recommend a thorough verification of a company prior to starting cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our inspectors are available in most Chinese cities and provinces. Please send us the exact address in advance to confirm the possibility of the inspection.


We can arrange an inspection within a few days after notification.

The inspection date depends on the availability of inspectors and arrangements with the factory.

The full name and address of the factory, the type and quantity of the product, and the estimated date when the products are ready.

(Please make sure that the factory agrees to the third-party inspection.)

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