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If you are doing or planning on doing business with a Chinese partner, check who you are dealing with!

China is a complex and challenging market to work with, but it can also be very rewarding. You probably have heard that there are a lot of scams in China, and unfortunately, this is true. For this reason, it’s essential to do your due diligence to avoid getting scammed by your supplier.

Our goal is to prevent fraud and make sure you are not wasting your money. Credit Report provides as much relevant data about your business partner from China as possible from various trustworthy legal sources.

After receiving the report, you will know if the verified company exists, if it has been involved in fraud before, how big it is, who owns it, and many more pieces of critical information. Now, you can make a decision based on solid data, not emotion.

Why us?

Over 15 years of experience

We have over 15 years of experience in trading with China and Asia.

Office in China

We have our own office located in China. We collect data from legal sources in China.

Report delivered within 48h

(max 1 week, depending on the chosen option)

Detailed background check

We gather data from various Chinese offices directly in China

All actual and current data

All company information in the report is up-to-date

100% discretion

Chinese company doesn’t know about being verified

Free consultation

In case of any questions, we are available by e-mail, phone, and video meetings.

Our expert's final opinion

Each report contains our opinion on the verified Chinese company.

We advise on the next step

Based on the Report result, we assess the risk of cooperation and advise how to secure the order.

What does Credit Report protect you from?

Each report contains the following data about the verified company:

  • Registered company name in English and Chinese
  • Chinese business number
  • Registered address
  • Registration date
  • Legal representative
  • Status of activity
  • Branch offices
  • Related companies
  • Company’s scope of service
  • Initial capital
  • Shareholders

and also:

  • Registration at the tax office
  • Registration at the Chinese equivalent of Social Security
  • Registration at the customs house
  • Import and export license
  • Registration in the Office of Surveillance
  • Number of employees
  • Certificates
  • Insolvency
  • Website
  • Additional information
  • ExamineChina experts’ opinion

It's your decision how much you will pay for a Credit Report.

Choose the best option depending on your needs.


  • The report will be delivered to your e-mail address within 48 hours.
  • All the reports include the same amount of information and an expert opinion.

7 days

  • The report will be delivered to your e-mail address within 7 days.
  • All the reports include the same amount of information and an expert opinion.

Why should you verify your Chinese partners?

ExamineChina was founded in response to a growing problem faced by importers: a lack of proper knowledge about Chinese business partners with whom they trade. This has resulted in numerous frauds, which could have been avoided if they had only checked their Chinese suppliers.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are often lured by low prices, eye-catching fair stands, or professional-looking websites and do not verify their information with Chinese governmental departments as they do in business partnerships with European or American companies.

We do not recommend doing business in China without checking if the Chinese company has the appropriate registrations. Besides the official data, we also verify if the company has been implicated in fraud or if it’s listed on any blacklists. At the end of each Credit Report, we write an independent opinion about the verified company and issue an assessment of the collaboration risk.

All data included in the report are collected by experienced experts and analysts in our office in China. These are the current data in accordance with Chinese law on the day the report was prepared.

We gather information on Chinese companies from numerous offices, such as:

ExamineChina verified my Chinese supplier to ensure their credibility so I could go through the import process without unnecessary stress. A contract secured the import process. ExamineChina advised me on how to protect my interests best according to my needs...
Harry Payne
Owner of Property Property LLC
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