Toy production area in China – Shantou

Entertainment is one of the things that make life more pleasant. We learn about the world from a very young age by playing with toys. They are the perfect educational tools that free one’s imagination. It is very unlikely that the demand for such products will disappear. China is the biggest exporter of toys in the world and has a wide selection of those types of products. If you want to find a reliable business partner, it is worth participating in trade fairs, whether in Shantou (which is the main toy production area in China) or nearby Guangzhou and personally visiting the factory. It is best if visits of this type do not collide with the most important Chinese holidays, which usually don’t fall on the same date every year.

About Shantou

Shantou is in Guangdong province, and since the 1980s, it is part of the special economic zone. Since 1993, a part of the city is a Free Trade Zone. Shantou’s coastal location and interesting tourist attractions make it a hot travel destination.

Thanks to the wide access to the sea, Shantou has become one of the strategic cities of economic importance of China, maintaining business relations with countries all around the world. Already in the 19th century, Shantou was a cosmopolitan city with a large foreign community.

Shantou in China

Shantou – toy production area in China

Chenghai district, located in Shantou, is leading in the toy industry. Therefore, it is known as “the capital of toys and gifts in China”. There are over 12,000 toy manufacturers and supporting enterprises, representing more than half of all companies in Chenghai. This district is characterized by the existence of an integrated chain, ranging from design, supply of raw materials, mold processing, parts production, and assembly to forming and, ultimately, sales. To the existing at least one million types of toys, every day, a hundred new ones are produced, stimulating the market.

Toys in Chinese market

Toy markets in Chenghai

In the biggest toy production area in China, you can visit many wholesale markets and see the products that manufacturers offer. The most well-known wholesale toy market in Chenghai is Baoao International Toys City (P.A. International Toys Sourcing Center). At 800,000 m2, there are over 2000 stores of finished products and an additional 300 stores offering raw materials.

Location: Exhibition Center, national route No. 324, Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong, China


In addition to P.A. International Toys Sourcing Center, in the city also operates Chenghai Plastic City. It is famous for the production of plastic toys and gifts. Goods are transported directly from the factory, so prices are lower than in P.A. International Toys Sourcing Center.

Location: Zhongshanbei, Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong, China

The name Chenghai Toys Wholesale Market does not refer to a specific place but many existing wholesale toy markets in Chenghai. They provide a wide choice of toys, such as remote-controlled toys, smart toys, dolls, plush toys, puzzles, and much more. Below we present selected exhibition halls.

Toys in Shantou
  • CBH Exhibition Hall

A spacious place (13,000 m2) with high-quality products in good packaging.

Location: at the crossroads of Chengjiang and Yutan, Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong, China


  • Hoton Exhibition Hall

The first place like that in the region. At 15,000 m2, various products are presented, from wooden toys to costumes and plush toys.

Location: at the crossroads of Fengxin 1 and Xiushui, Fengxiang, Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong, China


  • HK Exhibition Hall

At 10,000 m2, approximately 1,500 exhibitors offer their products. They provide excellent customer service – all you need to do is show a picture of the product you are interested in, and the staff will find it in a short time.

Location: at the crossroads of Laimei and Fengxin, Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong, China


Toys wholesalers in China

Toys trade fairs in Shantou

China Chenghai (Shantou) International Toys & Gifts Fair has been organized in Chenghai since 1999, and it has become the third-largest international toy fair in China. In a large area, in addition to professional exhibitions of toys or gifts, it offers a business, dining, and certification area. The displays present the latest R&D achievements in the field of toys produced in Chenghai, including cross-border e-commerce, financial logistics, science, education, entertainment, intelligent manufacturing, and other related sectors of the industrial chain.

Location: P.A. International Toys Sourcing Center, Chenghai, Shantou, China


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Toy production area in China: a guide

How to get to Shantou?

The closest airport to Shantou is Jieyang Chaoshan Airport. The airport mainly offers domestic flights. From the airport, you can take a bus to various points in Shantou. Buses leave every half hour or one hour; the journey takes over an hour and costs about 30 RMB. Starting at 110 RMB, you can also take a taxi.

From Guangzhou Airport to Shantou, you can get by intercity bus.

High-speed trains run between Shantou and Xiamen; the cost of travel is 119 RMB.

You can get to Chenghai from Shenzhen by train or highway. The train takes two and a half hours, and the price is about 100 RMB. There is no direct train to the city center. You must change to the bus (about 1 hour, 10 RMB) or a taxi. The trip takes around 4 hours on the highway.

Highways connect Shantou to Meizhou (G78), Shanwei, and Hong Kong (G15).

The journey by bus between the city and Hong Kong is about five and a half hours (50-220 RMB).

How to get around Shantou?

  • A taxi is the most convenient means of transport, but it is recommended to travel with a local guide. Usually, the first 2.5 km costs 10 RMB, then 2.40 RMB is added for the next kilometer. It is suggested to agree with the driver on the full fare before setting off.
  • Bus stops are announced in Mandarin and the Teochew dialect. Fares are not high. For example, it costs 6 RMB to get from one end of the city to the other.
  • In 2020, metro lines will open.

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