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If you import furniture from China, it’s worth taking the first steps to Foshan, one of the largest furniture production areas. Direct contact with representatives of factories is usually more fruitful than communication with a given company through an intermediary or a trading company. Everyone familiar with Chinese business etiquette knows how important face-to-face meetings with a potential business partner are. When visiting the Foshan furniture market, you can also see the quality of the products and the factory firsthand. It is worth choosing wisely the visit date so that it does not interfere with the most important Chinese holidays. The trip can be combined with participation in trade fairs, for example, in the nearby Guangzhou, home of the Canton Fair.

About Foshan

Foshan is a city in Guangdong Province. Its name means “Buddha Mountain.” In ancient China, the area was a trade and ceramics center. Foshan distinguishes itself with the concentration of furniture and machinery production factories, as well as manufacturers of refrigerators and air conditioners. In addition to Foshan furniture markets, there are factories of ceramic materials, metal products, and many more.

An interesting fact is that the city has sistered with Oakland. Moreover, the city is considered to be the birthplace of the Cantonese versions of Chinese opera.

Foshan in China

Foshan furniture markets

Shunde is located in Foshan and is said to be the world’s largest wholesale furniture market and the largest distribution center for these goods. Products of over 1500 furniture manufacturers and stores of about 3,000 Chinese and international traders are located on over 20 streets reaching 5 km in total length. Total sales are estimated to reach $1 billion annually. The most popular places are Louvre Furniture Mall, Sun-link Furniture Wholesale Market, Tuanyi International Furniture City, and Lecong International Exhibition Center (IFEC).

Furniture manufacturers China
Foshan furniture manufacturers
  • Louvre Furniture Mall

There can be found a variety of high-quality furniture at a fair price. It was founded in 2000 and is undoubtedly the region’s most famous furniture trade center. Over 2,000 highly regarded Chinese brands and at least one hundred famous foreign brands offering furniture and accessories cover 380,000 m2. Despite the large size, getting around the center is not too difficult. Due to fierce competition, photography is prohibited in some stores.

Location: Lecong Road 325 National Highway, Foshan, China


Foshan furniture market
  • Sun-link Furniture Wholesale Market

The center is divided into the southern and northern sections. It is believed that products in the northern section are of higher quality than those in the south and are more affordable than those available at Louvre Furniture Mall. These centers are located side by side. The area of ​​both sections is over 100,000 m2. The specialty of the northern section is furniture made of redwood, the southern – hotel furnishing.


Location: No.325 National Highway, Lecong, Shunde, Foshan, China



Location: Xinlong Rd, No.325 National Highway, Lecong, Shunde, Foshan, China


furniture mall
  • Tuanyi International Furniture City

This center offers products at lower prices compared to those described earlier. At over 30,000 m2 there is an exhibition of high-quality furniture, and on the surface of about 60,000 m2 – furniture stores. They specialize in sofas, office equipment and mahogany furniture.

Location: 325 National Rd Side Rd, Shunde, Foshan, China


  • Lecong International Exhibition Center (IFEC)

The center offers a variety of furniture, including furniture for hotels, bathroom,s and upholstered furniture. The price of the products is at a medium level. At 100,000 m2 and seven floors filled with furniture, everyone will find products tailored to their needs.

Location: No. 1-2 Lecong Avenue South, Lecong, Shunde, Foshan, China


Furniture production area China

Foshan furniture manufacturers location – a guide

How to get to Foshan?

Because of the proximity to Guangzhou, the most convenient and easiest way to get to the region is to fly by plane to Baiyun Airport, located 28 km from the center of Guangzhou.

There is also an airport in Foshan, but it is only operated by China United Airlines and offers intra-national flights.

From the airport, it is best to take an intercity bus. Getting from the airport to Foshan takes about 50 minutes. The ticket can be purchased at the CAAC ticket office at the airport.

Alternatively, you can choose a car rental or taxi service that operates 24/7. Foshan is connected by highway with Guangzhou. However, when renting a car, you should bear in mind that driving a car in bigger cities in China is not an easy task. Therefore it is not recommended.

Although there is a train station in Foshan, there is no direct train connection from Baiyun Airport. From Guangzhou South railway station to Foshan, you can get by high-speed train within about 20 minutes. From the center of Guangzhou, you can take a bus or metro and get to the city in about an hour.

If you land at a Hong Kong airport, you can take a coach to Foshan.

Furniture production region China

How to move around Foshan?

If you decide to use the airport in Foshan, the most convenient option is to take a taxi, which reaches the city center within a quarter of an hour.

Most taxi drivers cannot speak English. If you don’t know Chinese, hiring a guide fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese or preparing information for the taxi driver in characters is recommended. Taxis are cheap but are often stuck in traffic jams.

Tickets for the metro start at 2 RMB. Metro is the most convenient and independent of traffic jams. Currently, additional lines are under construction.

The cost of a bus ticket is also a minimum of 2 RMB. Using this transport without knowing the Chinese language requires knowing exactly when and where to get in and out of the bus, as few natives can communicate in English. Most buses run between 6 AM and 10 PM.

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Import duty rates for furniture

In our guide, we explained how to plan your trip to Foshan furniture markets. If you plan to import furniture from China, for example, from manufacturers located in Foshan, you must remember to check the importing duty rates, which may vary depending on the country.

Moreover, when importing to the US, you should bear in mind special tariffs. In matters of the ongoing US and China trade war, in many instances, 25% tariffs are applied. The levy should be taken into consideration when importing such goods from China.