Quality control in China

Carry out the quality control at every stage of the production process. Ensure that the ordered product from China will comply with the order and fullfil all the quality requirements.

What does the quality control service include?

Why us?


What will quality control detect?

You will save money because you are sure that the product is OK.

You will save time because you will deliver the product to the client without any delays.

We will check the quality and compliance of the products → you will not receive useless products.

We will check the packaging and labeling of the products → repacking would cost and delay customs clearance.


Are you interested in quality control in China?

When should you arrange an inspection?

Before production:

During production:

Before shipment:

During container loading:

Types of quality control in China

During Production Inspection

Carried out when 20-30% of products have been manufactured.

Verification whether production takes place according to agreements.

It allows to detect and eliminate mistakes at the early stage of production and avoid remaking large batches of finished goods

Production mistakes generate delays and additional costs!

During Production Inspection report includes:

Pre-shipment Inspection (After production Inspection)

Carried out when 80-100% of goods are manufactured and ready for export.

Physical check of randomly selected products following the AQL standard.

Recommended before balance payment for goods.

In case of detecting defects or non-compliance, there’s still a chance to eliminate them before shipping the products from China.

Pre-shipment Inspection report includes:

Container Loading Supervision

It ensures that the correct cargo in the correct quantity is delivered to the importer.

It’s advised when the goods have to be put in the container in a particular way or additionally secured.

This way, you can be sure they will reach their destination without damage.

Container Loading Supervision report includes:

Why is it worth carrying out inspections in China?

It frequently happens that the delivered goods turn out to be flawed, damaged, or inconsistent with the order. Poor quality, missing parts, incorrect marking, or even the wrong color… When the product has already passed customs and is in your warehouse, it’s very difficult to apply for a refund or exchange of goods from the Chinese supplier. Such situations generate significant financial losses, leaving an importer with useless products.

These problems can be easily avoided by regular quality controls during or after production. This way, you can ensure that the product delivered from China will meet the order requirements. You will be perceived as a professional buyer, and your Chinese partner will manufacture and prepare your goods with utmost care. We check complex goods, such as machines, and simple products like yoga mats.

Container Loading Supervision will let you ensure that the ordered goods will be sent to you. There are situations when dishonest suppliers from China load bags with sand or trash into the container instead of the correct products. After the arrival of such a container to the destination, recovering money is impossible. Therefore, we always recommend an inspection before paying the second installment to the Chinese supplier.

We also remind you that it’s worth additionally securing yourself by signing a legally binding commercial contract with a Chinese company.

What does the QC cost depend on?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our inspectors are available in most Chinese cities and provinces. Please send us the exact address in advance to confirm the possibility of the inspection.


We can arrange an inspection within a few days after notification.

The inspection date depends on the availability of inspectors and arrangements with the factory.

The full name and address of the factory, the type and quantity of the product, and the estimated date when the products are ready.

(Please make sure that the factory agrees to the third-party inspection.)

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