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ExamineChina is a consulting company focused on solving your challenges when importing from Asia.

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Credit Report

If you are doing or planning on doing business with a Chinese partner, check who you are dealing with!

Quality control in China

Carry out the quality control at every stage of the production process.

Commercial contract

Secure your order with a written agreement with your Chinese supplier.

Trademark registration

Register your logo in China before someone else precedes you.

Verification of company from Asia – Supplier Check

Get the necessary information about your supplier before transferring money.

Factory inspection in China

You can obtain all the information necessary for deciding if you want to cooperate with supplier from China.

Factory sourcing in China

If you looking for a specific product or a factory that will manufacture a new product, we can find reliable Chinese suppliers for you.

Free Live Webinar - What to import from China in 2024

Do you want to build an import empire? Choosing a profitable product to import from China is the first step! We’ll show you how during the live webinar!

15 years of experience in China

We have more than 15 years of experience and many hundreds of satisfied customers.

Why work with us


We have over 15 years of experience in trading with China and Asia.

Office in China

We have our own office located in China. We visit factories across China.

Full Support

In case of any questions, we are available by e-mail, phone, and video meetings.


The reports and other services are carried out in detail - to protect your interests.

Professional service

You're in the hands of experts. We provide comprehensive services.

No hidden costs or hourly charges

You only pay for the selected service. No additional fees.

Individual approach

We adapt each service to the client - according to your needs.

Consulting and Guidance

We know the Asian market and what to pay attention to. We advise how to avoid risk.

Client Testimonials

“I would like to recommend ExamineChina services to all companies and individuals who professionally approach trade with China.”
Fire Protection Systems
“ExamineChina completed all orders on time and fairly, it helped our company to minimize the cooperation risk.”
“We recommend ExamineChina services to all companies that want to trade safely with China.”

Activ Yachts
Luxury Yachts
"ExamineChina verified my Chinese supplier to ensure their credibility so I could go through the import process without unnecessary stress. A contract secured the import process. ExamineChina advised me on how to protect my interests best according to my needs..."
Harry Payne
Owner of Property Property LLC
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