Holidays in China 2026

Holidays in China 2026 2

In China, holidays provide a great opportunity for returning to one’s hometown and spending time with family. Chinese people focus on celebrating these occasions, and often, these days are designated as statutory holidays. To determine the dates of holidays, Chinese … Read more

Alipay in China

Alipay in China

Cash is becoming a thing of the past in China. Almost 1 billion people in China actively use mobile payments. Two major companies propel digital payment in China: Alibaba and Tencent. Alibaba’s Alipay is preferred over Tencent’s WeChat Pay by … Read more

CBAM reporting – how to do it?

CBAM reporting

Do you source products from carbon-intensive industries, such as aluminum, iron, steel, or cement? From October 1, 2023, are subject to new obligations when bringing goods into the customs territory of the European Union under CBAM. One of the obligations … Read more

WeChat Pay in China

WeChat Pay in China

Whether it is one of the bustling streets of China’s cities or the remote corners of its countryside, people use WeChat Pay to purchase goods and services. WeChat Pay is a mobile payment platform that has changed a lot of … Read more

SIAL China 2024

SIAL China 2024

SIAL China is an important event in the food industry. Taking place twice a year — in Shanghai and Shenzhen — these trade fairs bring together representatives from around the world, offering a unique platform for knowledge exchange and networking. … Read more

Dragon Boat Festival 2024

Dragon Boat Destival 2024

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four most important holidays in the Chinese calendar. It falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, between May and June. The Dragon Boat Festival is an extremely meaningful event … Read more

Yiwu Fair 2024

Yiwu Fair 2024

The Yiwu Fair, or China Yiwu International Commodities (Standards) Fair, is one of China’s largest fairs for daily-use products. It is held annually, in the city of Yiwu, Zhejiang province. Since 1995, it has attracted both Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs. … Read more

National Hardware Show 2024 – report 

National Hardware Show 2024

The National Hardware Show, a cornerstone event in the tools, building, and home improvement sector, once again was a huge success in the 2024 edition. Spanning from March 26th to 28th in the dynamic city of Los Angeles, this year’s … Read more

Trade fairs in China – summer 2024

Trade fairs in China - summer 2024

China organizes some of the world’s largest trade fairs. Attending trade fairs allows us to test products in person, gain more insights into the industry, and establish stronger relationships with business partners. The wide range of events taking place in … Read more

China Beauty Expo 2024

china beauty expo 2024

The Asian beauty market is currently at the forefront of the world and is growing rapidly. Beauty trade fairs are very popular, and China Beauty Expo is one of the most important events in the beauty industry. It is held … Read more

Single-Use Plastics Directive in the European Union

SUPD single use plastics directive

One of the European Union’s goals in terms of environmental politics is regulating single-use plastic products. Reducing the volume and impact of some plastic products’ environment is a great concern for the EU bodies. Therefore, the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive … Read more

CBAM – EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism


Rules regarding the import of steel, aluminum, and other products came into force on October 1, 2023. The European Union’s CBAM tool aims to encourage cleaner manufacturing in non-EU countries. What are importers’ obligations related to CBAM? CBAM – what … Read more

Qingmingjie 2024

Qingmingjie in China

Qingming Jie, or the Tomb Sweeping Day, is one of the most important holidays in China. During this holiday, the Chinese worship their ancestors and clean the gravesite. It also has very interesting traditions and customs. Qingmingjie 2024 falls on … Read more

How to get to the Canton Fair

How to get to the Canton Fair

Many novice importers choose Canton Fair as their first trade show. China’s oldest and largest fair, held twice a year, is extremely popular. One of its advantages is that it is split into phases that focus on specific groups of … Read more

FIBO 2024

FIBO 2024

FIBO is the world’s leading trade fair for fitness, wellness, and health, held annually in Cologne. The organizer’s vision is to create a strong fitness industry and a healthy society. The main motto of the 2024 edition of the event … Read more

Canton Fair phases

Canton Fair phases

The Canton Fair is the largest and one of the oldest trade fairs in China — its history goes back to 1957. It is also very popular among importers around the world. The Canton Fair is held twice a year … Read more

Visa-free travel to China

visa-free travel to china

China keeps opening up to foreign tourists by loosening its entry requirements. Holders of ordinary passports can enter China without a visa for up to 90 days. Is there visa-free travel to China from Europe? Visa-free travel to China from … Read more

Anuga Select China 2024 (Anufood Shenzhen 2024)

anuga 2024

Anufood Fair is one of the most important events for manufacturers in the food and beverage industry. The fair is organized in countries with world-leading markets, such as China, India, the United States, Italy, Japan, Thailand, and the United Arab … Read more

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2024

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2024

The Hong Kong Electronics Fair is one of the most important events for electronics businesses operating in Asia as well as for companies outside the continent. It was first organized in 1981 and has been held every year since then. … Read more

Trade fairs in Hong Kong – spring 2024

hong kong fairs spring 2024

Hong Kong is one of the best places to do business. A huge advantage of Hong Kong for importers is the world-class trade fair events organized there. We have prepared a list of “Trade fairs in Hong Kong – spring … Read more

China Food & Drinks Chengdu 2024

China Food & Drinks Chengdu 2024

The 2024 China Food & Drinks Fair will be held in Chengdu. The event first took place in 1955 at the Xiyuan Hotel in Beijing, and the next edition will be its 110th edition. The China Food & Drinks Fair … Read more

CMEF 2024 in Shanghai and Shenzhen

cmef 2024

Trade fairs provide an ideal opportunity to expand one’s knowledge in a specific field or even gain new contacts. CMEF, which is one of the world’s most significant trade fairs in the medical industry, is back in 2024 in two … Read more

Canton Fair 2024

Canton Fair 2024

The Canton Fair is considered the most famous and important trade fair event in the world. It is the longest-running trade show in China, attracting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs from various industries every year. If you are going to … Read more

China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair 2024

China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair 2024

The China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair 2024 is one of the most significant events in the lighting industry worldwide. This event, held regularly in China, attracts participants from around the globe who are interested in lighting systems. China (Guzhen) International … Read more

What goods are covered by CBAM? CBAM goods codes

cbam goods

The EU CBAM mechanism set new obligations for importers of products from energy-intensive industries, such as iron, aluminum, cement, and steel. One of the obligations is to submit declarations. What exactly are CBAM goods, and what are their codes? What … Read more

Trade fairs in China – spring 2024

Trade Fairs in China in spring 2024

China is the world’s largest manufacturer, meaning there are many suppliers from a wide range of industries there. How can an importer discover some of the best suppliers? A good solution is to participate in local trade fairs. We have … Read more

Trade fairs in Guangzhou 2024

Trade fairs in Guangzhou 2024

Guangzhou, known as the city of flowers, is the capital of China’s Guangdong Province. It is one of the oldest and largest cities in China. It is where an extremely important seaport for China’s economy is located, which is the … Read more

Chinese New Year 2025

Chinese New Year 2024

Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival” (春节; Chun Jie), is the most significant among all Chinese festivals. The holiday is determined by the lunar calendar; therefore, its date changes each year. The celebration starts on the first … Read more

Gartex India 2024 

Gartex India 2024 

Gartex Texprocess India 2024 is a pivotal garment and textile machinery exhibition. This trade event is perfect for those who wish to tap into the Indian market in this sector. Products, services, and technologies associated with the entire production chain … Read more

NKBA/KBIS Las Vegas 2024 show

NKBA KBIS Las Vegas 2024

The NKBA/KBIS show is the largest industry show in the United States dedicated to the design and construction of kitchens and bathrooms. They are held annually in various cities across the United States. What can you expect at the next … Read more