Tianjin. Region of artificial flower production in China

Sometimes we would like to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, but without devoting much of our energy to maintain it. Artificial flowers and plants are therefore ideal decorations. Manufactured flowers can be made of silk, soap petals and paper. Everyone will find something that will suit their taste, as they can be colorful and be molded in different shapes, unattainable in nature. China prides itself as one of the largest producers of these products. Tianjin is a production hub for such goods. Read further to get to know the characteristic of this region of artificial flower production in China. We encourage you to get acquainted with producers and familiarize yourself with their offer firsthand. Participation in trade fairs will be beneficial for the business. The planned visit should not, however, overlap with the most important Chinese holidays, which usually fall on a different date every year.

Region of artificial flower production in China

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Importing fitness equipment from China

It would seem like it is harder and harder to stay healthy in this day and age. It is no surprise that the number of people interested in sports is increasing. One of the best things you can do for your body is to exercise with gym equipment. There is a higher demand for specific products; thus, among importers, importing fitness equipment from China to the US becomes more popular.

importing fitness equipment from china

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Importing pet accessories from China

Pets can be the best medicine. It has been proven that owning a pet brings benefits to the owner’s health. It decreases not only depression and anxiety but also the risk of a heart attack. As it improves the quality of life, it would be beneficial to take proper care of the pet. On the market, there is a lot of pet supplies and accessories that will make the pet’s life more enjoyable. Below, we present you a characteristic of importing pet accessories from China to the United States.

importing pet accessories from China

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Shenzhen electronics markets

It seems that in today’s, so rapidly changing world, not using technological innovations is limiting. Most Chinese mobile phones, notebooks, displays, and other electronic products are exported, which makes China a global production base. Shenzhen being an unrivaled production area of electronics, is a place that will not let you down. We recommend participating in trade fairs and visiting Shenzhen electronics markets or the factory to make a successful deal. It’s worth remembering that visits of this type should not collide with the most important Chinese holidays, which usually don’t fall on the same date every year.

Shenzhen electronics markets

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US import duty on LED lights from China

Of the various products imported from China, lighting has recently become very popular. No wonder that more and more importers are choosing LED lights from China. The LED lighting is long-lasting and consumes less energy than standard lighting. It is simply a lot more efficient than traditional lighting. Read further to familiarize yourself with the characteristic of importing LED lights to the United States from China and check the import duty on LED lights.

import duty on LED lights from China

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Importing St. Patrick’s Day decorations from China

Although St. Patrick’s Day is not celebrated all over the world, it still catches the interest of many. It is a global celebration of Irish culture on or around March 17. On that date in 461 died St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Similar to other holidays, St. Patrick’s Day has its customs, like wearing green, drinking Irish beer and Irish whiskey, as well as going on a parade. On the market, there is a lot of St. Patrick’s Day-themed goods, many of which are made in China. Below, we present you a characteristic of importing St. Patrick’s Day decorations from China to the United States of America.

importing St. Patrick's Day decorations

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Trademark squatting in China

Registration of your trademark in China is a basic necessity before undertaking business with China. It’s important to know that it doesn’t apply only to exporters. Importers should also remember about registering their brand if they display it on the product, packaging, or any printed materials. Why is it so important? In the Chinese trademark law, there is a rule „first to file”. It means that someone else can register your trademark. Consequently, they will deprive you of the right to use it in the territory of China. Unfortunately, trademark squatting in China is a common practice. In the article, we explain why is it crucial to register your trademark in the People’s Republic of China before someone else precedes you.

trademark squatting in China

Even a giant such as Apple had problems with the protection of the trademark in China.

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US duty rates on Valentine’s Day products from China

Every day is a perfect day to say “I love you” to your beloved ones. Although, there is no harm to dedicate entirely at least one day to spend with your significant other to celebrate the relationship. Valentine’s Day is only once in a year, and it calls for unique decorations or simply gifts. Therefore, it is natural to think of importing those goods from the world’s biggest manufacturer, which is China. We present you with a guide to importing Valentine’s Day products from China to the USA.

Valentine's Day products from China

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Toy production area in China – Shantou

Entertainment is one of the things that make life more pleasant. From a very young age, we learn about the world by playing with toys. They are the perfect educational tools that free one’s imagination. It is very unlikely that the demand for such products will disappear. China is the biggest exporter of toys in the world and has a wide selection of those types of products. To find a reliable business partner, it is worth participating in trade fairs, whether in Shantou (which is the main toy production area in China) or nearby Guangzhou, and to personally visit the factory. It is best if visits of this type do not collide with the most important Chinese holidays, which usually don’t fall on the same date every year.

toy production area in China

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Importing disposable tableware from China to the US

Plastics, used daily around the world, undergo slow decomposition. Especially single-use plastic plates, straws, cutlery, and similar items are contributing to severe environmental contamination. In China, the government is trying to limit the use of food contact articles made of plastic. Fortunately, there are many alternatives. More and more Chinese manufacturers of plastic items (responsible for almost 30% of global plastic production) are choosing biodegradable materials obtained from renewable natural resources. Below you will find US duty rates on disposable tableware from China and other important information when importing this kind of products.

disposable tableware from China

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