Trademark registration in China

Many companies lose legal rights to their trademark in China. Avoid this kind of problem. Register your logo in the People’s Republic of China before someone else precedes you.

We offer a complete registration service for a trademark and a name.

The service includes:

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Free verification of trademarks

We will check if your logo is available for registration in the Chinese office for free!

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Who should register the trademark in China?

Consequences of not registering a trademark in China


  • Stopping the shipment by the customs office
  • Stopping the production in a factory
  • Seizure of goods


  • No chance of placing the goods on the market
  • Stopping sales to China
  • Seizure of goods during customs clearance or quarantine
  • No chance of attending trade fairs in China
  • No chance of sales on e-commerce platforms

Why do you need to register your trademark in China?

Trademark registration in China applies both to exporters and importers!

Based on the registration:

  • You are the trademark owner in China
  • Only you have the right to use the name or logo on the territory of China
  • You have the right to manufacture in China
  • You can sell your product in China
  • You can put your trademark on a product, packaging, printed materials
  • No one else can manufacture in China products under your brand

If you do business with China, you need to be aware that a brand registered in the United States or European Union territory is not protected in China. Chinese trademark law regulations clearly state who is protected on the grounds of trademark registration. Chinese trademark law differs from Europe or the United States. In China, trademark registration is based on the „first to file” principle. It means that the first person to apply for the logo registration is the one that gets the right to use it. It doesn’t matter who was the first to use a trademark. Until you register a name or logo in China, you have no rights to them, even if you use them.

In China, more and more often, there are situations in which third parties register trademarks of European and American companies. Then, they try to sell it back to the owners for a large sum of money. According to the law, this procedure (so-called trademark squatting) is entirely legal in China. It resulted in situations where the biggest international brands had to buy their trademark back to operate in China legally. Even such a giant as Apple was affected because the company hadn’t registered the „iPad” trademark.

If someone else has legal rights to the trademark placed for example on your product packaging, the Chinese customs office can take over your goods. The confiscation and non-delivery of manufactured and fully paid products result in huge losses!

Remember! It’s so much easier to prevent trademark problems than to solve them!

Registration procedure

  • Based on the “first to file” principle, trademark protection is active from the moment when the Chinese office accepts the application.
  • The whole procedure lasts from 8 to 12 months.
  • Registration is valid throughout China.

Waiting time:

  • Confirmation of submitting an application (assigning the application number) – around 2-3 weeks.
  • Confirmation of accepting the application by the office – 1-4 months (after receiving the confirmation, you are initially protected).
  • Grant of protection right (the final document) – 8-12 months.

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