Xiaomi to expand into 10 more countries

Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer which is very successful in its home market but plans to expand further. Recently, it revealed its plans to enter 10 more markets. The markets are India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. Apart from its native market, the company was already present in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Xiaomi to expand – Smartphones will be sold in 10 more countries

The flagship model of Xiaomi, the Mi3, offers high-end quality and competitive pricing. If we compare it with Apple’s iPhone 5S, we will find out that the Chinese phone has a bigger screen and better camera (13Mpix vs. 8Mpix). On top of that, it costs only half of the iPhone’s price. In Singapore, US$332, while iPhone 5S is available for US$786.

The expansion of Xiaomi to Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, and Vietnam is a deliberate step in the company’s strategy. Since Western Europe and USA markets are already saturated, and the smartphone market in China shows the first signs of a drop in smartphone sales, emerging markets are still a land of opportunities. India and Brazil are in the top five biggest smartphone markets in the world.

The modern distribution model, based on direct online sales and the ambitious plans of expansion, are the special features of Xiaomi. The company also boasts its user interface, MIUI. It is a heavily modified Android, similar to TouchWiz by Samsung, but independent from Google services and developed by dozens of open-source programmers.

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