WeChat Pay in China

Whether it is one of the bustling streets of China’s cities or the remote corners of its countryside, people use WeChat Pay to purchase goods and services. WeChat Pay is a mobile payment platform that has changed a lot of consumers’ habits. Read on how to use WeChat Pay in China.

WeChat Pay – digital payments in China

The biggest and most used app (on Android phones) in China is the messaging app WeChat. WeChat Pay is WeChat’s integral feature that has a crucial role in China’s digital payment ecosystem.

Millions of Chinese consumers use the app on a daily basis to pay for everything from groceries to taxi rides, both online and offline. WeChat Pay is an easy and convenient means of payment, since it takes just a few taps on their smartphones, users can effortlessly make purchases, transfer money, and even split bills with friends.

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Where can you pay using WeChat Pay in China?

WeChat Pay can be used both in online shops (e-commerce platforms, paying for services within mobile apps) and offline at a vast array of:

  • some public transportation
  • restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs
  • street stalls, grocery stores, convenience stores, brick-and-mortar stores
  • entertainment venues
  • and more establishments.

WeChat Pay is a great tool that facilitates fast, secure, and hassle-free transactions.

WeChat digital wallet – how to link a bank account to WeChat?

When in China, you can forgo your wallet and just bring your phone. To pay cashless and cardless:

  1. Download WeChat on your smartphone
  2. Set up your account
  3. Enable the WeChat Pay (Weixin Pay) feature
  4. Link your bank account or add funds

    See our in-depth post on how to add a foreign bank card in WeChat.

    How to pay using WeChat Pay in China?

    WeChat Pay is very easy to use. To pay in stores, restaurants etc.

    • scan the green QR code with your smartphone at the checkout counter using the app
    • open your app and present your barcode/QR code at the checkout counter/to the seller.

    There are no additional fees if the single transaction is under RMB 200. For single transactions above RMB 200, you will be charged a 3% transaction fee.

    QR codes in China

    WeChat Pay and cashless society

    WeChat Pay plays a vital role in China’s transition towards a cashless society. There are many benefits to using WeChat Pay, such as:

    • reduced costs
    • streamlined and hassle-free transactions
    • reduced reliance on physical currency and traditional banking services
    • security measures are put in place (such as encryption protocols and advanced authentication mechanisms).

    Paying with cash in China

    Even though cashless payments are prevalent in China, the law says that stores, restaurants, etc., must accept cash from customers. Paying with cash will mark you out as a tourist, and you may pay higher prices.

    WeChat Pay – conclusion

    Convenience is king, and WeChat understands this. WeChat Pay has transformed the way people pay for goods and services in China – and it is still evolving. Before you set out for your trip to China, make sure to download WeChat and set up your digital wallet, WeChat Pay, for seamless transactions and to pay in China like a local.