WeChat Pay – how to set up?

Mobile payments have become essential to everyday life in a fast-paced society. Over a billion people in China use digital payment solutions to purchase goods and pay for services. China’s most popular mobile wallets are Alipay (zhifubao) and WeChat Pay (Weixin Pay). Whether you’re a resident or a traveler in China, setting up WeChat Pay can make your life easier. In this post, we will focus on WeChat Pay. WeChat Pay – how to set up an account?

WeChat Pay – how to set up? A step-by-step guide

WeChat Pay is a feature of the popular messaging app WeChat, which offers users a convenient way to transfer money, make payments, and manage finances directly from their smartphones. It is more than just a digital wallet – aside from using it for everyday transactions, you can use it to pay for online shopping and services. Here is a comprehensive tutorial on setting up WeChat Pay in a few simple steps.

1. Download the WeChat app

Download the WeChat app from the Google Store (Android devices) or Apple Store (Apple devices).

2. Register on WeChat

Set up a WeChat account and have it verified if you don’t already have one.

3. Go to Me in the bottom bar and select Settings

Once you’ve created your WeChat account, the next step is to add a payment method and set up WeChat Pay. In order to enable the digital wallet feature, go to the “Me” section and select “Settings.”

set up wechat pay 1

4. Go to General and select Tools

In Settings, choose “General” and “Tools.”

set up wechat pay 2

5. Go to Weixin Pay and enable the Weixin Pay feature

In Tools, choose Weixin Pay and tap on “Enable.”

set up wechat pay 3

6. Go to Wallet in Services

Once you enable Weixin Pay, go to Services and choose Wallet.

set up wechat pay 4

7. Select Cards and tap on Add a Card

In Wallet, choose “Cards” and “Add a Card.”

set up wechat pay 5

8. Complete Real-Name Authentication and agree to the terms

You may be required to complete a Real-Name Authentication and agree to WeChat Pay terms.

set up wechat pay 6

9. Enter your information, link your card & set the WeChat payment password

After authentication, link your card by providing the required information and setting the WeChat payment password.

set up wechat pay 7

Setting up WeChat Pay – how to pay cashless in China?

There are two ways to pay using WeChat Pay. You can:

  • scan the green QR code at the checkout with your app
  • show your QR code/barcode to the merchant in the app

The mobile payment process via WeChat Pay requires internet access – make sure to use Wi-Fi or have mobile data.

WeChat Pay – how to set up? Conclusion

Setting up WeChat Pay is simple and straightforward. In a few minutes, you can link your bank card and enjoy the benefits of mobile payments today.

Image: pay.weixin.qq.com