Telegraphic transfer (TT) in China Trade

T/T payment is a common abbreviation for “telegraphic transfer” and “telex transfer.” The money is transferred between two bank accounts at a reasonably satisfactory speed (usually within five working days). T/T payment is often used when doing business with Chinese companies.

TT payment in China

According to the survey by GlobalSourcing, T/T (TT) transfer is the most popular way of sending money to China. In an open question, 99% of suppliers answered that T/T is their first method of choice. There are some bank charges related to the T/T, but it is still way cheaper than its alternatives, such as L/C (letter of credit). International transfer requires a bank account number and SWIFT code. It takes 2-5 days for the transfer to reach the destination. Telegraphic transfers can be made in your currency or Chinese yuan. If you transfer in CNY, you will probably pay lower fees, and your supplier will be more satisfied.

How to do a Telegraphic Transfer?

Usually, the bank requires you to provide the following:

  • Sender’s full name and address
  • Beneficiary Bank’s name (not abbreviated)
  • Beneficiary Bank’s full address (including country name)
  • account number
  • Beneficiary’s full name and address
  • the purpose of payment.

The usual form employed in purchasing goods from China is a 30% down payment, 70% paid after the goods are on board and ready to be delivered. Chinese SMEs often rely on a steady inflow of funds, so they use your down payment to purchase materials and start production.

You should remember, though, that the final payment should not be made before delivery. Otherwise, the buyer is at the mercy of the seller, who can withhold delivery and claim all of the money.

Chinese bank account number seems suspicious

You should also remember that T/T transfers should be made only to the company’s official account. Do not agree to wire the transfer to someone’s private account. In China, it is easy to set up an account and claim the money. Remember to use all necessary China Credit Check measures to make sure that the company is reliable.