Trade Shows in China 2023

It’s been a few years since Chinese importers had to adapt to the new reality of difficulties in international trade. The Covid-19 pandemic had an enormous influence on methods of establishing business relations with Chinese exporters and caused almost all trade to move online. The ever-popular fairs were often canceled, postponed, or held in a hybrid format. Will there be a possibility to attend trade shows in China in 2023?

Are Chinese fair trades held stationary?

Both the 2021 and 2022 trade fairs were organized online or in a hybrid format. The CIIE, China International Import Expo, was held in a hybrid format to help the international exporters attend. Despite the fair’s popularity, most of them were held online. One of the online fair trades was the biggest one – Canton Fair. The autumn 2021 edition was held hybrid, but the worsening Covid situation caused both 2022 editions of fairs to be held entirely online.

Most epidemic measures in China are lifted in January 2023, making it easier for entrepreneurs to travel to China to attend trade fairs and hold business meetings.

Travel to China in 2023

The good news is that the Chinese have done away with most epidemic measures by August 30, 2023:

  • inbound travelers to China are not obliged to quarantine and apply for a health code
  • no declaration of a negative result of a PCR/antigen test from the last 48 hours before boarding
  • no imposed quarantine on COVID-19 positive with light or no symptoms
  • no contract tracking
  • more visa types will be available for inbound travelers, including a 24/72/144-hour no-visa transit policy in China
  • resumed entry and exit of passenger transport by water and land ports.

Since the news was released, we can expect that more trade fairs in China will resume in an offline format.

Hong Kong fair trades will be held in-person

In 2023 importers will be able to examine the product’s quality and contact representatives in-person. Moreover, the fairs will introduce not only Hongkongese agents but also ones from mainland China and other Asian countries. Check trade fairs in Hong Kong in 2023.

Trade shows in China 2023

Ever since 2020, China has maintained strict Covid-19 restrictions. For international importers, this meant obstructed travel to mainland China, meaning almost no chance of attending trade fairs on the spot. The organizers of the events quickly took appropriate action to make it easier for foreign entrepreneurs to establish cooperation with Chinese suppliers in the new reality. Importers could attend some online fairs and take advantage of high-tech solutions. They enabled importers to, among other things, browse offers, “visit” virtual stands and establish contact with exporters.

Before planning the trip to China or Kong Kong, check the official announcements and stay up to date.