Trade fairs in China – spring 2023

China is a highly attractive market for both exporters and importers. Attending trade fairs creates a great opportunity to forge business relationships and get to know what opportunities this market has to offer. In recent years there was no possibility of attending these events in person. However, in January 2023, China reopened. From that moment on, overseas companies can participate in Chinese trade shows without many restrictions. What are the upcoming trade fairs in China – spring 2023?

Trade fairs in China – spring 2023

Attending trade shows is also a great opportunity to visit Chinese factories and deepen relationships with old suppliers. Take it into consideration when planning the trip. When choosing fair trades to attend, you should pay attention to their location for a seamless experience.

Below we present a list of chosen trade shows that will take place in China in spring 2023.

Trade fairs in China – March 2023


This fair focuses on packages and related machinery and materials. 1,500 exhibitors will be offering their services during this fair, and the number of expected visitors is 85,000. The surface area of the exhibition hall is 140,000 square meters, and the event is divided into six zones: “Smart Packaging + Smart Logistics,” “Food Packaging,” “General Packaging,” “Liquid Packaging,” “Coding and Marking” and “Packaging Materials and Products.”

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)

It is one of the leading furniture fairs worldwide, with the number of exhibitors exceeding 4,000 and the number of visitors exceeding 350,000. This year the trade show is divided into two phases: home furniture (March 18 – 21), where you can meet not only vendors who offer furniture but also home décor and equipment such as lighting, decorations, and garden furniture. The second phase (March 28 – 31) will focus on office and commercial furniture & machinery.

  • Date:               March 18 – 31, 2023
  • Location:         Guangzhou
  • Website:

China International Building Decoration and Materials Expo

It is one of the world’s biggest building materials fairs, with 12,000 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors. There you will have a chance to get to know offers of suppliers from various parts of the building industry, from building materials, wood, paints, heating, and hydrological installations to finishing elements such as kitchen furniture and decorations.

  • Date:               March 19 – 22, 2023
  • Location:         Beijing
  • Website:

China International Hardware Fair

It is a leading hardware fair in Asia. There are 1,500 brands, and 400,000 people are expected to visit this trade show. Metal tools, carpentry, gardening and metalworking equipment, welding and building tools, heat pumps, air compressors, and generators can be found here.

  • Date:               March 22 – 24, 2023
  • Location:         Shanghai
  • Website:

China International Lighting Fair

It is fair in the lighting industry, which takes place in the “lightning capital” of China – Guzhen. The trade show is expected to be visited by 100,000 people. 3,000 brands will be showcasing household, decorative and commercial lighting, LED products, and lighting accessories. The exhibition center at which the fair takes place is near the local lightning factories.

  • Date:               March 29 – April 1, 2023
  • Location:         Guzhen (Zhongshan)
  • Website:

Trade fairs in China – April 2023

Coffee and Foodie Festival

As the name indicates, it is fair in the food industry. Not only manufacturers of tableware, catering equipment, and food packaging showcase their products here, but also of food, drinks (coffee, tea), and agricultural products. The number of exhibitors exceeds 2,500, and the number of visitors exceeds 150,000. Besides the exhibitions, various contests and presentations also take place during the fair.

China Changsha International Hardware Expo

It is a building material trade show where over 2,000 exhibitors showcase electrical equipment, hand tools, gardening tools, welding devices, building machinery, equipment, accessories, and materials. This fair is predicted to be visited by 30,000 people.

  • Date:               April 1 – 2, 2023
  • Location:         Changsha
  • Website:


This fair focuses on the packaging industry. Here you can get to know the newest, innovative devices or materials used to produce packages. 1,300 exhibitors showcase corrugated paper boxes, cardboard with a honeycomb structure, paper models, and paper tubes. The trade show takes place at National Exhibition and Convention Center, the world’s biggest exhibition center. The number of visitors is estimated at 90,000.

Shenzhen International Toy & Education Fair

It is one of the top toy fairs, where you can find 1,300 suppliers of toys, games, and products for infants and mothers. The expected number of visitors is 50,000.

International Gifts, Handicrafts, Watches & Houseware Fair

The fair offers an extensive selection of products. From ceramics, household decorations, stationery, and travel accessories to jewelry and craftwork, 4,000 stands in total. The number of visitors is estimated at 200,000.

  • Date:               April 26 – 29, 2023
  • Location:         Shenzhen
  • Website:

Canton Fair

This fair has been running since 1957. It is China’s oldest and biggest trade show, attracting 200,000 visitors. The expected number of exhibitors is 25,000.

Canton Fair is divided into three phases:

  • April 15 – 19: electronics and household appliances, lightning, vehicles and machinery, building materials, and chemical products
  • April 23 – 27: consumer goods, home decorations, gifts, toys
  • May 1 – 5: textiles, garments, office supplies, medical devices, recreation products, food
  • Date:               April 15– May 5, 2023
  • Location:         Guangzhou
  • Website:
Trade fairs in China spring 2023 Canton Fair

Trade fairs in China – May 2023

China International Bicycle Fair

It is a big-scale vehicle fair, with over 1,300 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors. You can find here products and components for cars and bicycles, as well as related services.

  • Date:               May 5 – 7, 2023
  • Location:         Shanghai
  • Website:

Asia Amusement & Attraction Expo

It is a fair where you can meet 1,100 exhibitors that showcase products and offer services for amusement parks, entertainment facilities, and tourist attractions. One of the main themes is cultural tourism. The estimated number of visitors is 200,000.

China Beauty Expo and Supply World

It is a leading beauty fair in Asia with 3,500 exhibitors. This year 500,000 people are expected to visit this trade show. During China Beauty Expo and Supply World, you can find a wide selection of make-up products and accessories, skin and hair care products, manicure, and spa equipment suppliers.

Beauty fair in China

China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition

This fair boasts over 1,300 suppliers of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, tools to cultivate and protect plants. There are also exhibitors that specialize in services for labs and logistics. The estimated number of visitors exceeds 35,000.

Expo Food Guangzhou

It is fair during which 1,800 exhibitors from all over the world offer their products from the food industry. They showcase meat, seafood, drinks, organic food, equipment, and accessories for hotels, restaurants, and catering. The expected number of visitors is 65,000 people.

  • Date:               May 25 – 27, 2023
  • Location:         Guangzhou
  • Website:

Trade fairs in China – June 2023

China Stationery Fair

It is a stationery and office supplies trade show. There are over 900 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors. The exhibition space is divided into 16 categories, amongst which are: office and school accessories, teaching aids, painting and drawing products, traditional Chinese stationery, art tools, and raw materials.

  • Date:               June 30 May – 1, 2023
  • Location:         Shanghai
  • Website:

China Xiamen International Stone Fair

Around 2,000 exhibitors showcase granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, volcanic rocks, artificial stones, stone counters, furniture, gravestones, mosaics, and paving stones. The number of visitors is estimated to exceed 150,000.

  • Date:               June 5 – 8, 2023
  • Location:         Xiamen
  • Website:

Kitchen & Bath China

It is a leading bath&kitchen fair in Asia. Over 5,500 suppliers of kitchen and bathroom equipment, heating, hydrological or sanitary systems from all over the world may be found here. This year almost 120,000 people are to visit this fair.

  • Date:               June 7 – 10, 2023
  • Location:         Shanghai
  • Website:

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

During this trade show in the lighting industry, 2,500 exhibitors showcase lightning, lighting components and accessories, LED, as well as household, industrial, commercial & city lighting, and intelligent lighting systems. This year’s fair is organized under the theme of “Light+,” which represents the concept of future connections between the lightning industry and other industries. The estimated number of visitors exceeds 160,000.

CPhI China

It is a huge-scale pharmaceutical fair where over 3,200 exhibitors can be found. The trade show showcases pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical ingredients, bio-solutions, and outsourcing. CPhI China holds over 100 conferences and discussions about trends in the pharmaceutical industry. The fair’s estimated number of visitors is 50,000.

  • Date:               June 19 – 21, 2023
  • Location:         Shanghai
  • Website:

Restrictions in China 2023

On January 8, 2023, China reopened for foreigners, and the obligatory quarantine rule after entering the country was scraped, as well as the mandatory test after arriving in China. It is also no longer necessary to apply for a health code. However, people who come to China must present a negative result of a test for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 taken 48 hours before the flight.

You should also remember to get a visa (depending on your nationality), a document necessary to enter China.