Top 10 China Blogs

Are you looking for some good blogs to read about China? Look no further! We’ve scoured the Web and found the most interesting, most must-read China-related blogs. We’ve prepared a mixture of the 10 best Chinese blogs which we recommend to everyone. Our list ranges from business blogs to blogs run by expats. Check out what we consider to be the top 10 best blogs about China. The blogs are listed in random order.

Top 10 China Blogs

#1 China Law Blog

A must-read, must-know blog for anyone doing business with China, Dan Harris and his team are doing an awesome job giving so much insight and know-how to everyone. So, if you’re considering doing business with China, this is a website you should follow.


Twitter: @danharris

China law blog

#2 Lostlaowai

By Expats for Expats living in China, Lostlaowai has been blogging about China since 2006 and has an interesting perspective on China from people who actually live there.


Twitter: @lostlaowai

Lost Laowai blog

#3 TechinAsia

The Techcrunch of Asia and China is the best tech blog in the region, with a strong focus on Chinese startups and companies. A must-read for everyone.


Twitter: @techinasia

Techinasia blog

#4 Chinasmack

A glimpse into modern China and Chinese society for those who can’t read Chinese.


Twitter: @chinasmack

Chinasmack blog

#5 Chinadialogue

Chinadialogue is devoted to the publication of high-quality, bilingual information on environmental challenges.


Twitter: @chinadialogue

Chinadialogue blog

#6 Larry Salibra

American entrepreneur based in Hongkong and South China.


Twitter: @larrysalibra

Larry's blog China

#7 Managing the Dragon

China view from a veteran, Jack Perkowski’s view on China.


Managing the dragon blog

#8 Beijingcream

A dollop of China aims to be entertaining and informative.


Twitter: @beijingcream

Beijing cream blog

#9 McKinsey China

Ruminations & research on China business & economics curated by Glenn Leibowitz.


Twitter: @GlennLeibowitz

China McKinsey

#10 ChinaDaily

Maybe not a real blog, but a good place to read actual news about Chinese economics and politics.


Twitter: @ChinadailyAsia

Chinadaily blog