I received low-quality products from China. Was it a fraud?

China places importance on the quality of its products. For a long time, the “made in China” quality had been associated with mediocrity, but it has already changed. Importers have become used to buying exclusive quality products from China at low prices. However, it still may occur that a contractor sends goods of poor quality or inconsistent with the description. Is it a form of Chinese fraud? How not to be deceived when importing from China and how to ensure that the quality of the products will meet your expectations?

You should keep in mind that importing from China always comes with some risks. There are plenty of suppliers on B2B sites, such as Alibaba and Made-in-China, and nobody can guarantee that all of the goods they sell are of good quality. Nonetheless, it is necessary to distinguish between deliberate frauds (such as big order scams, bank switch scams, or the factories’ frauds) from unprofessionalism of suppliers, which, unfortunately, we can often encounter. The importer’s ignorance also causes many of the pitfalls of importing from China. Therefore, before placing a large order, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the proven methods of securing your order. Additionally, we encourage you to participate in our training courses on importing from China.

Inferior products and various mistakes made by importers

The most common mistake made by importers is believing in every piece of information on the internet. There is a difference between purchasing items on sites such as Alibaba and in professional online stores. Not all suppliers advertising there are trustworthy. Among so many sellers available on Alibaba, unfortunately, there is a probability of coming across such products whose quality will significantly differ from our expectations.

Blind trust

For example, many importers make the mistake of thinking that having an “Alibaba Gold Supplier” badge by a seller equates to being a verified company with high-quality standards. They couldn’t be more wrong. Such a mark can be easily bought by all the sellers (like a “premium” account on an internet portal). It does not mean that the supplier is trustworthy. Establishing a business relationship with a Chinese company without prior verification of a potential partner is a risk that the importer imposes on himself.

Not taking safety measures

You don’t go to China, you don’t sign a trade agreement with a Chinese supplier, you don’t carry out quality control? Be aware that in the case of receiving a product not as described, the fault is also on your side. Some entrepreneurs think that they will avoid additional costs by giving up on these elements, saving money and time. However, it is worth remembering that it is extremely difficult to retrieve your money when the goods reach the port. So, maybe it’s more beneficial to invest before the delivery to ensure that the ordered products will meet your expectations. Thus, you’ll avoid potential major losses in the future.

How not to get scammed when importing from China?

The importance of samples

First and foremost, you should always order samples of a product. Thanks to them, before you decide to place a large order, you’ll check whether the product complies with the quality requirements. Nevertheless, you cannot treat this as a sole security measure. There are also other precautions worth considering, such as company verification or quality control. These types of measures minimize the risk of possible losses and assure that the product will meet our expectations. Moreover, if your product requires any special certificates, you should always check the authenticity of the documents.

Contract with Chinese partner

Furthermore, a lot depends on how you determine your requirements for the product and how you make sure that they are fulfilled. On this basis, you will ensure that you won’t receive any low-quality goods from China. Therefore, when placing a large order, it’s principal to sign a trade agreement in which all terms of the transaction are clearly stated. Precise setting of conditions helps avoid later misunderstandings. That is why it’s essential to discuss all the details with your Chinese partner.

The contract should contain provisions not only regarding the price or quality of products. Remember to include the Incoterms that divide responsibility for goods and costs at individual stages of the transport process. It’s worth including information on how the products will be packed. During quality control, apart from the item, also check its packing. This way, you can make sure that the goods will not get damaged during transport.

Quality of the products from China – keep this in mind!

The Chinese economy keeps developing, and new companies and factories are established. The whole world knows that China is a cheap manufacturer, which is why foreign entrepreneurs are willing to cooperate with Chinese suppliers. On the other side, the Chinese see their country’s position as an opportunity for themselves to get rich quickly. For this reason, you should be alert to the fact that among the multitude of exporters available on B2B websites such as Alibaba, it is also very easy to come across unprofessional suppliers. Even if they don’t want to deceive you consciously, it’s worth protecting yourself against misunderstandings or incurring losses amidst receiving a product of a different quality than expected. It’s better to check sooner than regret it later.