Quality inspection in Vietnam

Since the 80s, Vietnam has undergone significant economic reforms that changed the country’s economy to a market economy, liberalized trade exchange, and the status of foreign companies. Thanks to implemented changes, Vietnam became one of the fastest developing countries in the world and is currently one of the biggest economies in Southeast Asia. If you want to source from Vietnam, you have to understand how important quality inspection in Vietnam is.

Production in Vietnam

Vietnam exports mostly electronics and machinery as well as textiles and clothing. In terms of raw materials, Vietnam exports wood, iron, and steel.

In 2021, Vietnam exported goods valued at 356 billion dollars, mainly to the United States, China, South Korea, and Japan.

Why should you conduct a quality inspection?

Inspecting the quality of your ordered goods is the right step to take for a few reasons:

  • allows you to check if the order that is leaving the country is the right product, made according to the importer’s requirements and in the right quantity
  • minimalizes the risk of being scammed by a Vietnamese company
  • protects you from financial losses – if the flawed product is discovered when it is still in the production country, then it will be easier to negotiate a faulty product’s exchange than it would be if it was discovered after reaching its destination
  • allows you to check if potential supplier and factory do actually exist.

Vietnam is a very attractive market in terms of finding new suppliers. However, it is a country that is quite far for Western importers. It is difficult to oversee the production process. However, it does not mean that you should resign from inspecting the quality of ordered goods – you can find companies that will do it for you. ExamineChina also can conduct quality inspections in Vietnam for you. Our representative will go to inspect the factory in your name, and after the control, you will receive a report on it. This will allow you to make an informed decision about your cooperation.  

Factory audit in Vietnam

Before you conduct a factory audit, you should verify your supplier to make sure that they do exist. If a factory inspection is carried out, its aim is to check if it is prepared to start production. During such a visit, a controller checks the following:

  • the state and equipment of the factory
  • production capabilities
  • production process
  • quality control systems
  • organizational structure.

Factory inspection should discover potential problems that may appear. It also gives you information about the state of the factory and based on that you can make a decision if you want to cooperate with the supplier.

Quality inspection during the production process in Vietnam

This kind of inspection takes place when a part of the order has already been produced and the production process is still going on. The inspector picks randomly chosen product samples and checks if they are made according to the importer’s requirements and if they do not carry any flaws or discrepancies. It also checks if the production is going according to the schedule. If you conduct a quality inspection at this stage, it allows you to adjust the production process so that the final products will fulfill your expectations and also repair the already produced, faulty products. If you find any problems at this point, you can save lots of time and money.

Quality inspection in Vietnam quality control

Quality inspection after the production process is finished in Vietnam

This kind of inspection takes place when the production process has been completed. The inspector randomly picks product samples from all manufactured batches and checks if they were made correctly. It is a last chance to discover flaws before the order is prepared for shipment. If you conduct a quality inspection at this stage, it allows you to make last-minute changes or implement corrective measures before the products leave the country of production. 

Quality inspection during container loading in Vietnam

This kind of inspection takes place when the order has already been prepared for shipment. The inspector checks the way the products have been packed and if they were correctly secured so that they will not be damaged during transportation. Labels, markings, and documentation for products are also checked. If you conduct quality control at this stage, it allows you to make sure that the correct amount of correctly produced product is leaving the country and that it was prepared for shipping in a way so that it will reach its destination safely.

AQL norm

AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) is a norm that is commonly used as a base for quality inspections. It states how many samples must be checked during the inspection and what degree of defectiveness causes pending od shipment. Defects within the product are divided into three groups: critical, major, and minor, and they are determined based on whether or not the product still can be normally used or if the degree of the defect is so severe that it could result in the return of the item. As AQL is the most common norm for quality inspection, if the product passes the control that has been conducted according to its rules, then the importer can be sure that the product they will receive fulfills their expectations and general standards.

Quality inspection in Vietnam before loading

Quality control in Vietnam – to sum up

  • Product inspection allows you to make sure that the product that is being manufactured complies with the importer’s requirements and is produced in the correct quantity.
  • Conducting goods inspection allows you to prevent additional costs, getting scammed, or receiving a faulty product.
  • Goods inspection can be conducted at different stages of the production process: before it starts, when it lasts, after it finishes, and during the loading of the container.
  • AQL norm is the most commonly used during the goods inspection.
  • If you import from Vietnam and want to conduct a product inspection, we can do it for you! If you want to learn the inspection details or the price, please get in touch with us by phone 1 (562) 380-2081 or via e-mail: contact@examinechina.com.