Quality inspection in Malaysia

As a diversified, quickly-developing economy, Malaysia is a good location to search for new business partners. However, making business deals with new contractors creates a certain risk of being scammed or receiving a wrong/faulty product. Inspecting your order before it leaves the production country protects you from such risks. In the article below, we present the options you can choose if you want to conduct a quality inspection in Malaysia.

About Malaysia

Malaysia is a South-East Asian country located partially on the continent and partially on an island. Since the 70s, its economy has undergone a huge transformation thanks to a cheap but educated workforce, developed infrastructure, and undervalued currency. All of that allowed Malaysia to build a strong industrial sector.

Production in Malaysia

Malaysia exports raw materials such as rubber, wood, palm oil, petroleum, and natural gas. In terms of products, they mainly export machinery and electronic devices, rubber or plastic products, and optic, photo, or medical apparatus.

Malaysia aims to continue its growth toward producing more complex, high-value-added goods such as electronics, machinery, and chemical products. They also want to focus on developing the aerospace and medical sectors.

In 2021 Malaysia’s export had a value of 333 billion dollars, and they mostly exported goods to Singapore, China, and the United States.

Why should you conduct quality control?

Before we introduce different ways to conduct goods inspection, we will present you the reasons why you should inspect your order before it leaves Malaysia:

  • To ensure that the right product was manufactured according to the importer’s requirements and in the right amount.
  • To minimalize the chances of getting scammed.
  • To protect yourself from financial losses – if the product’s flaws are discovered after it reaches its destination, it may be too late to make a complaint to the supplier. That way, you also save the costs of transporting faulty goods.
  • To make sure that your chosen supplier and factory truly exist.

Inspecting a factory in Malaysia or the production process by yourself is rarely possible, which is why you should consider commissioning this task to companies that can take care of it for you.

After conducting a quality inspection in Malaysia, the importer receives a report from the visit that allows them to make informed decisions about the next steps.

Types of quality inspection in Malaysia

Factory audit in Malaysia

Factory audit should be proceeded by supplier verification to ensure a potential producer exists. This inspection takes place before the production process begins. During the factory audit, the state and equipment of the factory are checked, as well as its production capabilities, production process, quality control systems, and organizational structure. The purpose is to check if the factory is prepared to start production and find potential problems ahead of time, so you can decide if you want your product manufactured at the factory.

Inspection during the production process in Malaysia

Inspection during the production process takes place when a certain part of an order has been produced and the production process is still happening. Based on randomly picked products, it is checked if the items are made in compliance with the importer’s requirements and if they have any flaws, etc. It is also checked if production is going according to the schedule. Inspection during to production process allows to make changes in the production process so that the finished product fulfills the expectations of the importer. It also allows to repair the flaws in products already produced. Spotting problems at this stage allows you to save a lot of money and time.

Quality inspection in Malaysia

Post-production inspection in Malaysia

Post-production inspection takes place when the production process has been finished. It is the last chance to discover abnormalities before the order is shipped. During the inspection, randomly picked items from all produced batches are checked to see if they are as required. At this stage, there is still a possibility to implement changes or corrective measures before the production is ultimately wrapped up.

Inspection during container loading in Malaysia

Inspection during container loading takes place a little before the cargo leaves the country of origin. During the inspection, the packaging is checked, as well as if they are properly secured so they will not get damaged during shipping. Product labels, markings, and documents are also reviewed. Inspection during container loading allows you to make sure that the right amount of correctly made product leaves the country and is packaged in a way that will let it reach its destination safely.

Quality inspection in Malaysia during container loading

AQL norm

Goods quality inspection is conducted according to the AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) norm, which states how many samples must be checked during the inspection and what degree of defectiveness causes halted shipment. Product defects are divided into three groups: critical, major, and minor, and they are determined based on whether or not the product can still be normally used or if the degree of the defect could result in returns. Since it is a commonly used method, if the product passes inspection conducted according to AQL norm, the importer can be sure that it complies with general standards and is of appropriate quality.

Quality inspection in Malaysia – summary

  • A quality inspection ensures that the right product is manufactured according to the importer’s requirements and in the right amount.
  • Conducting goods inspection prevents additional costs and minimizes the risk of being scammed or receiving faulty products.
  • Quality control can be conducted at different stages of the production process: before it starts, during the production, after it finishes, and during the container loading.
  • AQL norm is the most commonly used during the goods inspection.
  • If you are importing from Malaysia and want to conduct quality control, we can do it for you! If you want to learn the inspection details or get the quote, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone: 1 (562) 380-2081 or via e-mail: [email protected].