Protective masks on Alibaba

The coronavirus pandemic has generated a high demand for medical equipment around the world. We noticed increased interest among importers in such items as face masks and antibacterial gels. Many suppliers of these products can be found on Alibaba. Unfortunately, along with the increased demand for this type of goods, the number of fraudsters who want to take advantage of the situation is also increasing. If you plan to buy gels or protective masks on Alibaba – we warn you against scams!

Protective masks on Alibaba

China is a country with the most significant production of medical equipment. After the outbreak of the new virus, Chinese factories set the goal of manufacturing equipment needed to combat the spread of the disease. Even companies such as BYD (electric car manufacturer) and Foxconn (electronics manufacturer for Apple) have taken on the tasks. Thus, during one month, China increased the daily production of face masks from 20 million to 110 million.

No wonder that in the search for masks and disinfectants, importers turned to Alibaba, the most popular B2B sales portal. The site has a lot of offers for just such products. However, we warn you that due to the high demand for masks from China, we have noticed a lot of scammers on Alibaba. Scammers eagerly take advantage of the situation in which there is a particular demand for medical products. If you want to import masks, gels, and similar products from China, be very careful and verify your potential partner before cooperating with them! Check if the company actually exists, how long, and whether it operates in this industry.

face masks from China

In addition, we warn you not to order pre-paid masks. Currently, pre-paid protective masks from China sold on Alibaba are 90% fraud. The popularity of masks from China at the moment is a favorable situation for fraudsters who can contact many unaware importers. The companies that advertise on the portal look very professional, and that is why the vigilance of importers who want to order a large number of sought-after goods is dormant. Warning! If the seller on Alibaba gives pre-payment as a condition of delivery, it’s an attempt to extort money. The company will probably never send the goods and disappear with the money.


Once again, we emphasize that among Alibaba sellers, it is difficult to distinguish honest ones from fraudsters, so we recommend that you always verify your new supplier.