India International Furniture Fair 2023

The India International Furniture Fair (IIFF) is a unique event that everyone in the furniture industry should be interested in. Participating in it can be a valuable experience, as it provides an excellent opportunity to monitor current industry trends and establish new business contacts.

India International Furniture Fair 2023

In 2023, the 5th edition of IIFF will be held. Approximately 9,000 guests and around 250 exhibitors from various countries, including Turkey, China, Poland, Malaysia, India, Denmark, Indonesia, and Vietnam, are expected to participate in the event. Trade fair exhibitions will occupy an area of 15,000 square meters.

Where and when does the India International Furniture Fair 2023 take place?

The fifth edition of the India International Furniture Fair is scheduled for December 1-3, 2023, and will take place at the India International Convention & Expo Centre in New Delhi.

What types of products will be showcased at the event?

The trade fair will feature products from areas such as:

  • Home furniture
  • Office furniture
  • “Hotel” project furniture
  • “Luxury home” project furniture
  • Upholstery
  • Sustainable furniture and accessories
  • Smart kitchen
IIFF 2023 agenda

Why is it worth attending IIFF?

The India International Furniture Fair is an industry event aimed at promoting and showcasing new projects, products, and technologies related to the furniture industry. These trade fairs offer an excellent opportunity for manufacturers, designers, distributors, and customers from around the world to meet, establish business contacts, and exchange knowledge.

Presenting your products or services at such a large and well-recognized event can bring immense exposure and interest from potential customers and business partners.

It is worth knowing that the Indian real estate sector is gearing up to make a significant impact, with expectations of contributing significantly to the GDP by 2025, reaching a level of 13%. As this market develops, an increase in demand for furniture can be expected.

Registration for the India International Furniture Fair

Admission to the trade fair requires prior registration on the official event website.

Event website: