Importing wedding accessories from China to the European Union

The wedding industry in Europe and other continents is very profitable. Hundreds of products add to this experience, such as guest books and light installations. The Chinese market is a great source of wedding items – you can find everything from traditional veils to table decorations. Read further to learn the most important information about importing wedding accessories from China to the European Union.

Sourcing wedding accessories from China

Wedding accessories include much more than wedding attire and jewelry. It includes various decorations, gifts, personalized labels, balloons, wedding ring cushions, and many more. Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, for example, are excellent places to look for products. Below, we present you some of the wedding accessories offered on

Wedding accessories on Alibaba

Nowadays, clothing stores make a great profit from importing wedding dresses from Chinese manufacturers. One of the biggest advantages is the low price compared to European products. In addition, many different styles are offered. When importing clothing, you should pay attention to quality. Therefore, ordering samples and/or carrying out quality control during the production process is recommended.

Importing wedding accessories from China to the European Union - Aliexpress

Where are wedding accessories manufactured in China?

The garment production regions in China are Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, and Shandong provinces.

When it comes to decorative items, the largest number of factories can be found in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong provinces. There are many manufacturers to choose from all along the coast.

Importing wedding accessories from China to the European Union - manufacturers map

Wedding accessories – customs duties in the EU

The amount of customs and tax duties is one of the factors affecting the costs of importing goods the most. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze which tariff group each product belongs to and how much the duty will be. You can use an official EU website – TARIC, to check current customs and HS codes of goods. Below, we present some sample products with their HS codes and customs duties.

  • 3926200000 – plastic clothing accessories – 6.5%
  • 3926400000 – statuettes and other decorative articles made of plastic – 6.5%
  • 4415101000 – wooden boxes, crates – 4%
  • 4602120010 – wicker items – 3.7%
  • 4817100000 – envelopes – 0%
  • 4817200000 – stationery, correspondence cards – 0%
  • 4818300000 – cellulose fiber tablecloths and napkins – 0%
  • 4819100000 – paper boxes – 0%
  • 4820109000 – guest books – 0%
  • 4821901000 – self-adhesive labels – 0%
  • 4909000000 – greeting cards – 0%
  • 5804101000 – tulle – 6.5%
  • 5804210000 – lace made of man-made fibers – 8%
  • 5808900000 – fringes, pompoms, etc. – 5.3%
  • 6103109000 – suits – 12%
  • 6103320000 – cotton jackets – 12%
  • 6104420000 – cotton wedding dresses – 12%
  • 6104430000 – wedding dresses made of synthetic knitwear – 12%
  • 6105100000 – men’s shirts made of 12% cotton
  • 6116930000 – synthetic fiber gloves – 8.9%
  • 6117100000 – knitted veils – 12%
  • 6204440090 – wedding dresses made of synthetic materials – 12%
  • 6214300090 – synthetic fiber veils – 8%
  • 6215100090 – silk ties and bow ties – 6.3%
  • 6702100000 – artificial flowers, leaves, and fruit – 4.7%
  • 6704190000 – false eyelashes, tress and extensions made of synthetic fibers – 2.2%
  • 7013289000 – glass glasses – 11%
  • 7117190090 – imitation jewelry made of base metal – 4%
  • 8310000000 – metal plates and letters – 2.7%
  • 9405500090 – non-electric lamps and lighting fixtures – 2.7%
  • 9505900000 – occasional gadgets – 2.7%
  • 9615110000 – plastic hair ornaments – 2.7%.

Importing wedding accessories from China to the European Union – requirements in the EU

When importing goods to the European Union, there are several things that importers must do. They have to ensure they pay due duties, the labels are correct, and the products comply with safety standards. For wedding items, special attention should be paid to electronics and clothing, particularly the materials they are made of.

For electronics and lighting, CE marking is required, as well as compliance with the RoHS directive, low voltage directive, and other directives specific to types of electronic devices.

CE mark

When it comes to clothing, if you plan on selling them in the EU, they must be appropriately labeled. In addition, they should meet the requirements for textiles laid out in the REACH Regulation.

Wedding accessories – trade fairs

Attending on-site trade fairs or online fairs is a great way to find business partners in the industry that interests us. When it comes to wedding accessories, you can choose from the following fairs held in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan:

Taipei International Wedding Exhibition

China Wedding Expo

Hong Kong Wedding Fair

  • Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 1, Hong Kong
  • Official website:


The Chinese market offers various wedding garments and decorations at competitive prices. Before importing to the EU, keep in mind to be up to date with the customs regulations and ensure that the manufacturing process goes smoothly by ordering samples. Do not forget to have due diligence conducted to verify your potential business partner.