Importing tools from China to the EU

Many Chinese manufacturers are dealing with the production of various tools. Regardless of what kind of utensils you want to import, whether they are garden, construction, or agricultural tools, you will indeed find a suitable supplier in China. Thus, importing Chinese tools keeps increasing its already great popularity worldwide. We discuss all the crucial issues of importing tools from China to the EU.

Production areas for tools in China

Two provinces are dominating Chinese tool production – Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Those areas gather most Chinese suppliers of such goods. Many manufacturers of tools have their factories in Guangdong and Shandong provinces. Therefore, entrepreneurs interested in importing tools from China should particularly pay attention to offers from those regions.

You can check the mentioned locations on the map below.

Tools manufacturers in China

Duty rates for tools from China

Before importing a particular product, you need to check its duty rate. You can search customs rate values for nearly all goods in the free-to-use TARIC system. Moreover, you will also find the HS codes needed for customs clearance in the European Union. Tariffs for tools from China are displayed in the “Erga Omnes” row.

Check our guide on how to use the TARIC system!

  • Spades and shovels (8201100000) – 1.7%
  • Mattocks, picks, hoes and rakes (8201300000) – 1.8%
  • Axes, billhooks and similar hewing tools (8201400000) – 1.7%
  • Secateurs and similar one-handed pruners and shears (including poultry shears) (8201500000) – 1.7%
  • Hedge shears, two-handed pruning shears and similar two-handed shears (8201600000) – 1.7%
  • Handsaws (8202100000) – 1.7%
  • Files, rasps and similar tools (8203100000) – 1.7%
  • Metal-cutting shears and similar tools (8203300000) – 1.7%
  • Drilling, threading or tapping tools (8205100000) – 1.7%
  • Blowlamps (8205600000) – 2.7%
  • Hammers and sledge hammers (8205200000) – 3.7%
  • Screwdrivers (8205400000) – 3.7%
  • Vices, clamps and the like (8205700000) – 3.7%
  • Drilling, threading or tapping tools (8205100000) – 1.7%

As you can see, duty rates for tools are relatively low. For many of them, the value doesn’t exceed 3.70%. Such beneficial customs rates influence the increasing interest in importing tools from China to the EU.

Importing tools from China – Requirements in the EU

Every buyer must ensure that their goods comply with the target market’s requirements beforehand. Thus, an importer should check all the regulations applicable to their products. Every product has to conform to certain norms to pass customs clearance and hit the market. What are the requirements for importing tools from China to the EU?

CE marking and the Declaration of Conformity

Some (but not all) tools require CE marking. Such a requirement concerns mainly electric tools and tools with elements made of steel. The CE marking confirms that the product complies with the norms in the New Approach Directives. They aim to normalize the law for the product’s safety for consumers and the natural environment. The compliance is checked through verification following particular regulations.

A test report is issued based on the tests carried out on the product. It enables the certification body to prepare a CE certificate. These documents allow a manufacturer to issue the Declaration of Conformity and affix a CE mark on goods.

Trade fairs for tools in China

The best way to find a Chinese supplier is by attending various trade fairs. Such events allow you to communicate with the sellers directly, check their goods’ quality and appearance on the spot, negotiate, and personally compare different offers. Moreover, it’s an excellent chance to learn more about current trends in a particular industry.

Make sure to check our list of trade fairs for tools in China:

China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

Location: Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Official website:

Jinan International Machine Tools Exhibition

Location: Jinan International Convention & Exhibition Center, Jinan

Official website:

Asia Forestry & Garden Machinery & Tools Fair

Location: Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Official website:

China International Machine Tool Show

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Official website:

Importing tools from China – Summary

  • Importing tools from China keeps gaining popularity due to their high quality, as well as low prices and duty rates.
  • You must remember to provide the applicable markings and documents for the imported goods.
  • A CE mark will be required in the case of electric tools and tools with steel elements.
  • To ensure that your supplier is trustworthy, we highly recommend verifying the seller from China.