Register for Canton Fair

Canton Fair is the longest-running and most significant trade show in China. It occurs twice a year, in spring and fall, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. The tradeshow attracts more than 200,000 visitors from over 200 countries and regions per session. How to register for Canton Fair as a buyer?

Canton Fair – basic information

Where is the Canton Fair?

Canton Fair takes place in China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou) Complex, Yuejiangzhong Road 382, Haizhu, Guangzhou. Canton Fair’s full Chinese address is 中国广州市海珠区阅江中路382号、中国进出口商品交易会展馆.

Official Canton Fair website:

When is the Canton Fair?

Canton Fair is split into two sessions, spring and fall, which are divided into three phases. Each phase focuses on different industries.

Canton Fair spring edition:

  • April 15-19
  • April 23-27
  • May 1-5

Canton Fair fall edition:

  • October 15-19
  • October 23-27
  • October 31-November 4

Please refer to our posts about each Canton Fair phase for more information

Canton Fair ultimate guide exhibitors

How to register for Canton Fair as a trade visitor

Get an invitation for your visa to China

Most foreigners must obtain a visa to China. For a commercial visa to China, you need an invitation letter. You can get it via:

  • Buyer e-service tool, BEST for short (you need to be registered)
  • the Economic & Commercial Office of the Embassy (Consulate General) of the PRC in your country
  • Canton Fair Call Centre, CFTC
  • Canton Fair Hong Kong Representative Office
  • Chinese foreign trade enterprise you cooperate with
  • CFTC’s Global Cooperative Partners.

Apply and get your visa

We recommend submitting your visa application at least several weeks before the trade fair. Visa applications may be submitted in Chinese consulates or Visa Application Service Centers.

Register for the Canton Fair – overseas buyers

To skip the line, pre-register for the Canton Fair online. Online registration will save you 2-3 hours of the event.

First, you have to set up an account. Buyer registration is free.

Go to and select “Overseas Buyer” (not based in Mainland China).

Choose one of the options:

  • “I have a buyer badge” if you already have the buyer badge > verify your account
  • “I don’t have a buyer badge” if you do not have the buyer badge and account > complete the form, agree to the terms, and click “Submit”
  • “Login” to log in to an existing account (see how)
Register for Canton Fair online

Get your buyer badge (if you do not have one yet)

You must have a badge to enter Canton Fair. The first Canton Fair buyer badge is free of charge. It is valid for multiple Canton Fair sessions.

To apply for a buyer badge online:

  1. Visit the Buyer e-service tool.
  2. Choose “Pre-registration.”
  3. Log in or register an account.
  4. Complete the required information.
  5. Pre-apply for a buyer badge and wait for verification.
  6. Once verified, print the invitation from the Application List.
  7. Bring the return receipt to the site for free badges or your code.
  8. Pick up your buyer badge. You can receive your buyer badge at designated counters on-site or in appointed hotels in Guangzhou.
Canton Fair registration

Tickets for Canton Fair

Once your registration for a chosen session of the Canton Fair is complete, your buyer badge is your ticket for Canton Fair. It gives you access to the area and additional benefits on-site. The overseas buyer ticket for Canton Fair booked online is free. If you lose it, you must pay a fee to get another badge.

Find out how to prepare for the Canton Fair.