How to buy on Made-in-China?

Chinese online shopping platforms are extremely popular. International consumers more and more often order products from AliExpress and are not afraid of buying goods from China. There are also sites dedicated to wholesale trade, such as Made-in-China. It’s a B2B (business to business) portal, which means it’s devoted to larger imports and not to buying by an individual client. The website was launched in 1998 in Nankin by John’s Shen initiative. Made-in-China is also available in the app form for both Android and iOS systems.

In this article, we’ll show you how to place an order on Made-in-China step by step.

What is Made-in-China?

Made-in-China is one of many Chinese e-commerce platforms. It’s dedicated mainly to wholesale importers. It allows buyers from abroad to find a supplier of a product they’re interested in. It’s also an excellent occasion to look for business partners. The portal offers goods in nearly every category, e.g., electronics, lighting, kitchen equipment, or garments.

The platform’s employees verify Chinese sellers since they must pay to create an account. They have to fill in a form and provide all the details about their company. Owning a verified account increases its credibility.

On the other hand, buyers can create an account for free or log in via Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.


The website has 11 language versions, e.g., English, German, French, Spanish, and others. Prices on Made-in-China are shown in dollars. Therefore, it’s crucial to convert the correct amount into our currency.

How to buy on Made-in-China?

Step 1. Searching for products and suppliers

We search for a wanted product. When looking for, e.g. a bag, we can choose from many various filters. To specify your needs, select a category, style, season, material, and other options. There is also a possibility to browse goods according to sellers. Depending on your choices, the website will display only suppliers with a certain account type (Diamond Member, Gold Member, Audited Supplier). What’s more, you can search for a product by the sellers’ categories, like Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company, Group Corporation, Individuals/SOHO).

Searching for products and suppliers

One must keep in mind that Diamond and Gold users have only a verified business license. It means that the platform received from such a company a scan of its business license. However, this document does not guarantee its 100% reliability. 

Still, it’s worth looking for suppliers with an “Audited Supplier” mark since the platform’s employees verified them. Furthermore, in the case of such sellers, Made-in-China gives insight into a factory’s audit report. Importers also can find a special number on a supplier’s profile and verify it on the official website of the SGS certification company. This way, you can check if the audit took place and when.

Although Made-in-China gives you such an option, we always recommend having your supplier additionally verified. Ensure that you’re buying from a reliable person. Check if the products will be manufactured following your requirements and expectations.

Verify your supplier

For additional verification of a supplier, Made-in-China also lets you arrange a visit to their factory. It’s worth taking advantage of this opportunity, especially when placing orders of high costs, which pose a greater risk to a buyer. If you want to ensure that your goods are manufactured in proper conditions, contact a supplier and set up a meeting in a Chinese factory.

Book a factory tour

In the offer, it’s always stated what the minimum order quantity is. There is also a specification of a product described and the company’s name. Next to it, there are icons informing about the company account type. Bags supplier in the picture below owns a Gold and Audited Supplier account. It means that it’s a more reliable company with a verified business license and an additional verification carried out by the portal’s employees.

Browsing on Made-in-China
Information about a product

There is also information about the acceptable forms of payment (for example, L/C, T/T, Western Union, and Money Gram).

In addition, you have access to a contact form, which allows contacting a supplier. Use it to inquire about the offer and get the answers to your questions (Send Inquiry).

Step 2. Ordering samples

Ordering samples on Made-in-China

Before ordering a large number of goods, you can ask a supplier to send some samples. The cost of such a bag (1 unit) is $60. When buying a wholesale amount, the price per item is lower and depends on the order quantity. If we buy between 300 and 799 units, the cost of one bag is $13,38. However, for 800-1,499 it’s $13,07. Though, when you decide to order over 1500 units, you’ll pay $12,6 for each. Moreover, the auction price includes the import of goods on FOB (Free on Board) rule.

On the auction’s site, one can see more photos and check additional details in the description. For example, the delivery time for samples is 7-10 days, and manufacturing takes between 25 and 40 days.

Step 3. Placing an order

Before placing an order, one must fill in a form (Send Inquiry) containing all the details about their company. Only then the transport costs are being set down, and you negotiate the price and more.

Placing an order

Is it worth importing from Made-in-China?

Made-in-China is a platform absolutely worth paying attention to since it allows entrepreneurs worldwide to search for Chinese suppliers. Chinese companies must obligatorily pay for opening an account, which deters potential fraudsters. A seller’s credibility increases if they own a Diamond, Gold, or Audited Supplier account.

Through the website, you can order a sample of a product before ordering wholesale. Moreover, sellers inform about the quantity they’re able to manufacture. The official site is not only available in 11 languages but also seems to be clear, intuitive, and easy to use.

Have you already used any other Chinese e-commerce platform? If not, we encourage you to get familiar with our guide concerning buying on sites similar to Made-in-China.

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