Importing hand sanitizers from China

There has been a great interest in importing hand sanitizers from China. For entrepreneurs planning to import this type of product, we have collected and prepared useful information.

Hand sanitizers from China – production areas

By far, the largest number of hand sanitizer manufacturers in China are in Guangdong Province in southern China. Other large production plants are located in such provinces as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Fujian. The main hubs in China, where hygiene products are manufactured, as well as medical equipment, are in the east and south of the country.

Importing hand sanitizer from China manufacturers map

The tariff and the importer’s obligations in the US

The payment of customs duties is an obligation for every importer. Earlier orientation in the applicable customs rates can determine whether it is profitable to import the product. Below we present HS codes and customs rates for selected hygienic and antibacterial products. The products are listed in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule System.

  • Soaps – 3401.11.00 – 0%
  • Disinfectants (including hand sanitizers) – 3808.94.50 – 5%
  • Containing any aromatic or modified aromatic disinfectants – 3808.94.10 – 6.5%
  • Synthetic detergents containing any aromatic or modified aromatic surface-active agent – 3402.90.30 – 4%

In terms of the US-China trade war, some products imported from China to the US are subject to an additional tariff. For all the products above, 25% of the additional tariff applies.

Due to the current high interest in importing hand sanitizers and similar types of products, we recommend exercising caution when choosing a partner from China. Before cooperating with a Chinese supplier, you should have its credibility verified to avoid potential scammers who want to capitalize on the situation and increase demand for hygiene products.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates health care and consumer antiseptics. To read further on the topic, click here. Back in 2019, the FDA issued a final rule containing active ingredients that are not allowed to be used in OTC hand sanitizers.

Overall, imported products must comply with applicable standards and regulations. Otherwise, they cannot be admitted to trading on the US market. Moreover, the product has to meet the labeling requirements.

The tariff and the importer’s obligations in the EU

You can check the EU customs tariff in the Tariff of the European Union TARIC. It is available in many European languages and is very easy to use.

  • Soap and organic surface-active products and preparations – 3401 11 00 00 – 0%
  • Disinfectants – 3307 90 00 00 – 6.5%
  • Travel sets for personal toilet – 9605 00 00 00 – 3.7%

Be mindful when choosing a business partner from China. There has been a rise in the number of scammers, especially on Alibaba. We can verify the other party for you.

The importer’s primary duty is to place health-safe products on the market. It can only be backed up with required certificates that ensure compliance with directives. Hand sanitizers must comply with the same regulations that apply to medical devices, i.e. with Directive 2001/104/EC, Regulation No. 528/2012, and Directive 2007/47/EC.

In terms of transport, you can easily compare the freight rates at ShipHub.

Importing hand sanitizers from China – trade shows

For you, as an importer, to get familiar with the offer of specific producers and establish effective business contacts, it is best to attend trade shows related to the industry of your choice. Below we have prepared a list of events that may be of interest to importers of hand sanitizers and other similar products:

Shanghai International Cross-border Healthcare Industry Exhibition

Sinophex – Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition

International Conference on Medical & Health Science

  • Venue: Ramada Pudong Airport Shanghai Hotel, Shanghai, China
  • Website:


  • Venue: National Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
  • Website:

Healthplex Expo and Natural & Nutraceutical Products China

  • Venue: National Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
  • Website:

In order to contain the spread of coronavirus, most trade fairs have been postponed. Check on our site which trade shows have been affected. Furthermore, we recommend that you check the official event websites.

You may also be interested in our guide on the import of protective masks from China. Once again, we warn against increased fraud related to the import of medical products from China, and we encourage you to verify the supplier.