Factories in Shandong Province, China

Shandong is a region that is said to be the cradle of Chinese civilization. Since Shandong Province is located by Bohai Bay, the area that had access to the ancient Sea Silk Road, it developed early. When looking for a specific product in China, it is worth knowing where the relevant production areas are. Below, we have listed major factories in Shandong Province, China.

Shandong Province in China

Shandong is a coastal province in the eastern part of China. It borders the provinces of Hebei, Henan, Anhui, and Jiangsu. It is the second most populous and third highest GDP province in China. The capital of Shandong is Jinan.

Shandong’s most important manufacturing bases are:

  • Yantai
  • Rizhao
  • Weihai
  • Jining
  • Weifang
  • Dezhou
  • Jinan
  • Dongying.

The most important industries in Shandong Province are chemical, metallurgical, building materials, machinery, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics, household appliances, textiles, and food.

The area of Shandong Province is over 150,000 km2. It is inhabited by over 100 million people. The province consists of 16 prefecture-level cities, 140 counties, and over 1,900 municipalities.

Shandong Province in China

How to ship goods from Shandong Province?

Sea transportation is the most common way of shipping goods. The main ports in Shandong Province are Qingdao, Yantai, Rizhao, Weihai, and Dongying.

The Qingdao container terminals have a throughput capacity of 22 million TEU (sixth in the top container ports in the world). The Shandong Port Group (Qingdao, Yantai, Rizhao, Bohai) accounts for 34 million TEU annually.

If you need to ship valuable, small, or perishable goods, air freight is the best method of transportation. The largest airports with extensive route networks near Shandong are located in Beijing (Beijing Airport) and Zhengzhou (Zhengzhou-Xinzheng Airport).

Shandong ports

Factories in Shandong Province, China

Yantai – food and more

Yantai (烟台) is the largest industrial city in Shandong Province. It has been named “the city of wine,” but it is also a major exporter of apples and vegetables and China’s largest exporter of peanuts. Many companies specialize in the production of vehicle parts, logistics, shipbuilding, and chemical industries. Yantai is also a major manufacturer of hand-embroidered tablecloths.

  • Longkou (龙口) is the source of a well-known type of vermicelli soybean noodles. Manufacturers of copper instruments are also located there.
  • Laizhou (莱州) specializes in hand-woven straw products.
  • Nanshan (南山) is a manufacturing base for cotton fabric and synthetic blankets. Nanshan aluminum materials are used for aircraft.
  • Penglai (蓬莱) is the main wine-producing region (over 140 wineries), producing over 40% of all wine in China.
Shandong Yantai
Yantai, yantai.gov.cn/art/2019/4/3/art_11769_2399547.html

Manufacturers in Rizhao, Shandong

Rizhao (日照) is located by the sea. It is one of the largest manufacturing bases of seafood, especially mussels. Rizhao has the largest steel industry in the province.

Shandong Rizhao
Rizhao, sohu.com/a/458524275_120783667

Beer and home appliances from Qingdao

Qingdao (青岛) is home to manufacturing clusters of electronics and household appliances (e.g., Haier, Hisense). It is also a leading area in beer production – like the famous Tsingtao beverage brand. In addition, Qingdao exports machinery, vehicles, handicrafts, and textiles.

  • Mechanical and electrical equipment is manufactured in Jiaozhou (胶州).
  • Pingdu (平度) specializes in woven products (hats, baskets) and ceramics.
  • Huangdao (黄岛) is a competitive industrial hub (household appliances, petrochemical industry).
  • Jimo (即墨) is a machinery manufacturing base.
Shandong Qingdao
Qingdao, ln.ifeng.com/c/7uVwf9xRr15

Factories in Weihai

Weihai (威海) was one of the first open cities that attracted foreign investment. Investments accelerated the development of the petrochemical, textile, pharmaceutical, and building materials industries.

  • Rongcheng (荣成) and Rushan (乳山) are algae and oysters processing bases, respectively.
  • Huancui (环翠) is known for innovative materials.
  • Wendeng (文登) is to become the most efficient manufacturing hub in the automotive and electromechanical industries.
Shandong Weihai
Weihai, weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404209447709867884&infeed=1

Manufacturers in Jining

Jining (济宁) is a city that specializes in the sectors of biotechnology, new textiles, auto parts, and building materials.

  • Liangshan (梁山) is China’s largest commercial car manufacturing base and second-hand vehicle supplier.
  • Leather gloves from Jiaxiang (嘉祥) account for 30% of all domestic sales.
  • Jinxiang (金乡) exports 70% of Chinese garlic.
Shandong Jining
Jining, 新浪山济宁频道

Food from Weifang, Shandong Province

Weifang (潍坊) has developed the following sectors: food, machinery, chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. Weifang is known for its crafts (silver-inlaid lacquerware) and kites.

  • Shouguang (寿光) is China’s largest vegetable production base (“China’s vegetable capital”). Weixian (潍县) is known for radishes, Qingzhou (青州) for special melons grown in this area. 1/8 of Chinese vegetables are exported from Weifang.
Shandong Weifang

Crafts from Zibo

The main industries in Zibo (淄博) are ceramic, glass, and textile. Its manufacturers offer unique traditional crafts.

  • Zhangdian (淄博) is an intelligent electronic equipment manufacturing base.
Shandong Zibo
Zibo, esp-4u.com/bagua/425014.html

Dezhou in Shandong Province – materials

Dezhou (德州) is known for fiberglass products. Moreover, there are many cotton textiles manufacturers.

Shandong Dezhou
Dezhou, gpbctv.com/jrrd/202202/507287.html

Manufacturers in Jinan

Jinan (济南) is an AI manufacturing cluster. In the late 1950s, Jinan was a large player in the steel industry, in the 1970s – car industry. Jinan is famous for handicrafts, silks, chemicals, machine tools, and paper.

Shandong Jinan
Jinan, cn.kayak.com/航班/首尔-SEL/济南国际机场-TNA

Oil industry in Dongying, Shandong

Dongying (东营) is a competitive manufacturing base in the petrochemical, textile and plastic industries. Dongying’s oil industry is crucial for Shandong’s economy.

Shandong Dongying
Dongying, sdxw.iqilu.com/share/YS0yMS0xMTk3NzQ5OQ.html

Factories in Shandong Province, China – in a nutshell

Shandong factories map

Shandong is one of the wealthiest Chinese provinces. It mainly exports machinery, textiles, chemicals, and food. Shandong ranks first among the provinces in the production of cotton, wheat, garlic, gold, and diamonds. It has extensive petroleum deposits. Shandong is the biggest exporter of food in China.

The main manufacturing bases in China are Yantai (food), Rizhao (steel), Qingdao (beer, electronics), Weihai (vehicles), Jining (cars, garlic), Weifang (food), Dezhou (crafts), Jinan (fiberglass) and Dongying (plastics).

When you search for a product from China, find out where are its biggest manufacturing bases. Then, locate potential suppliers and sign a commercial contract with those you select. While in the area, make sure to attend trade fairs to enhance your visibility on the market and meet new contractors.

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