Factories in Fujian Province, China

China is the largest manufacturer in the world. Some Chinese cities (and even counties) have specialized in producing specific goods. The export regions are mainly coastal provinces such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian. It is easier to find a good supplier if you know the location of the product’s main manufacturing area. Below we have listed the locations of factories in Fujian Province, China.

Fujian Province in China

Fujian is a province of China located on the Taiwan Strait, bordering the Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang Provinces. Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian Province. Since it is a coastal province, maritime trade flourished there early; the Quanzhou port was on the ancient Maritime Silk Road map. Fujian is one of the most culturally diverse provinces in China.

The most important industrial centers in Fujian are:

  • Quanzhou
  • Putian
  • Xiamen
  • Ningde
  • Longyan
  • Fuzhou
  • Zhangzhou.

The most important industry in Fujian is the light industry, mainly the production of clothing, footwear, and tea (oolong). Six of the top one hundred Chinese clusters are in Fujian, placing the province in fourth place.

The area of Fujian Province is over 120,000 sq. km, inhabited by over forty million people. It is divided into nine prefecture-level cities, 85 counties, and more than 1,100 municipalities.

Factories in Fujian

How to ship goods from Fujian Province?

The most common method of shipping goods is by sea. Cargo from Fujian Province is exported through the ports of Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Quanzhou. The Port in Jinjiang is the second-largest inland port in China.

An alternative to sea shipping is air freight. Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN/ZSAM) is a vital port in eastern China. The annual throughput is about 300,000 tons of cargo.

Ports in Fujian

Factories in Fujian Province, China

Factories in Wuxi

Quanzhou (泉州) is one of the three main centers of the footwear industry in China (40% of Chinese production). Since it is a huge city, there are also manufacturers in other industries: textile (10% of Chinese textile and clothing production), petrochemical, machinery, furniture, food, and construction materials.

  • The main product from Dehua (德化) is ceramics (65% of exported ceramic products from China).
  • Nanan (南安) is known for building materials, especially stone.
  • Quangang (泉港) is the base of Quanzhou’s petrochemical industry.
  • Huian (惠安) is the “World’s Capital of Stone Carving.”
  • Anxi (安溪) is the “World’s Capital of Rattan and Metal” handmade products.
  • In Yongchun (永春), traditional lacquered baskets are made.
  • Licheng (鲤城) is not only the center of Chinese craftsmanship but also parts for vehicles and machinery.
Fujian Quanzhou
Quanzhou, xiancn.com/content/2022-01/03/content_6450884.htm

Clothes from Quanzhou

Shishi (石狮) is a county-level city in Quanzhou called the “China’s Sports and Leisure Clothing Industrial Cluster.” The largest Asian specialist clothing market is in Shishi. Fengli (凤里) in Shishi is one of the largest centers of the children’s clothing industry.

Footwear from Quanzhou, Fujian

Jinjiang (晉江) is another Quanzhou country-level city. For years, it was the wealthiest city in China. Manufacturers in Jinjiang mainly produce sportswear and sports shoes. It was named “the Chinese Sports Footwear Cluster.” Moreover, it is a swimwear and underwear production center. Moreover, there is a large manufacturer of snack foods (dried fruit, packaged nuts, confectionery, and salty snacks) in the Jinjiang Industrial Park. The area accounts for 25% of the value of Chinese candy exports.

  • Chendai (陈埭) is China’s largest footwear manufacturing hub, producing over 700 million pairs of shoes annually.

Industries in Putian

Putian (莆田) has been the center of oil painting for decades. It is where about 30% of oil paintings in the world come from. There is also a concentration of footwear manufacturers.

  • Yulun (秀屿) is a large production hub of jade products such as jewelry and interior decorations.
  • Traditional Chinese mahogany furniture, famous all over China, is made in Xianyou (仙游).
Fujian Putian
Putian, yulintu.com/index.php/test-page/fj/2021-03-12-11-22-16

Fuzhou manufacturers in Fujian Province

Fuzhou (福州) is the center of the electronics, textile, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, machinery, and wood industries. There are many craftsmen making products of lacquer, wood, and ivory. Fuzhou is especially famous for its imaging technology.

  • Changle (长乐) produces synthetic fabrics, mainly nylon. It is a model cluster of the textile industry in China.
  • Liangjiang (连江) is the largest polyamide and caprolactam production center globally.
  • Fuqing (福清) has four large industrial parks, accounting for 65% of the city’s industrial production value (electronics, chemicals, and food).
  • Minhou (闽侯) produces vehicle parts and new materials.
Fujian Fuzhou
Fuzhou, cn.kayak.com/航班/福州长乐国际机场-FOC/河内-内排国际机场-HAN/

Industries in Xiamen

Xiamen (厦门) is a special economic zone. It is a port city, so it has developed the shipbuilding and fishing industry. In addition, Xiamen is a high-tech, metal, electronics, petrochemical, and chemical industries hub.

  • Xiamen is the largest manufacturer in the sunglasses industry – 80% of the sunglasses on the market come from there. Many manufacturers of eyewear (prescription glasses, sunglasses, lenses, and other products) are located in Haicang (海沧).
  • Wushipu (乌石埔) is one of the world’s largest oil painting production hubs.
  • There are large manufacturers of LED lights in Huli (湖里). Xiamen is the largest LED lighting export base (40%), accounting for one-third of the world’s LED lighting production.
  • Xiangan (翔安) manufactures specialize in flat-panel monitors, semiconductors, integrated circuits, and software.
  • Jimei (集美) is a competitive center of the engineering and automotive industries.
Fujian Xiamen
Xiamen, ettoday.net/news/20181024/1289305.htm

Manufacturers in Ningde

Ningde (宁德) is a lithium battery, high-tech vehicles, modern stainless steel, and copper products manufacturing hub. For example, Fuan (福安) is the Chinese capital and export base of small and medium-sized electric machines.

Fujian Ningde
Ningde, CFP

Industries in Longyan, Fujian Province

Longyan (龙岩) exports electromechanical goods, clothing, textiles, footwear, toys, and furniture.

  • In Xinluo (新罗), machinery is the most important industry.
  • Changting (长汀) is the largest producer of tungsten (a rare metal) in the world.
Fujian Longyan
Longyan, sohu.com/a/488012662_121106994

Manufacturers in Zhangzhou

Zhangzhou (漳州) has developed the food (10% of the national canned food production), petrochemical, machinery, steel, and vehicle parts industries. Moreover, Zhangzhou is a famous clock city in China and the largest manufacturer of quartz clocks globally.

Fujian Zhangzhou
Zhangzhou, sohu.com/a/444964379_120046606

Factories in Fujian Province, China – in a nutshell

Manufacturers in Fujian map

It is no surprise that the coastal areas are the most developed in China. Many companies in Fujian, a province facing the Taiwan Strait, get funding from Taiwan.

There are about sixty industrial clusters in Fujian. They are concentrated along the coast: Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou. The main industrial hubs in Fujian are Quanzhou (clothing, footwear, crafts), Putian (paintings, furniture), Fuzhou (fibers and textiles), Xiamen (sunglasses, LED lamps), Ningde (machinery), Longyan (rare metals), and Zhangzhou (clocks).

When planning a business trip to China, locate potential suppliers in the industrial area of the product you are looking for. Make sure to sign a commercial contract with chosen business partners. Also, do not forget to check if there are trade fairs in the area. Participation in trade fairs will increase the chance of a lucrative import from China.

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