Doors and hardware production area in China – Yongkang

China is one of the largest producers and exporters of hardware, tools, and doors. The main doors and hardware production area in China is Yongkang, considered the “City of Metal” in China. There are also many trade fairs, so when planning visits to local factories, it is worth participating in fairs.

Where are doors and hardware manufactured in China?

Each manufacturing region in China specializes in producing specific products. The manufacturing bases are clusters of not only factories but also wholesalers. Yongkang is one of the most important doors and hardware manufacturing regions in China.

Yongkang is a county town in Jiaxing City Prefecture. It is in the middle of Zhejiang Province in the east part of the country. The name Yongkang means “Eternal Prosperity.” The urban center in this area has existed since 245 CE.

Doors and hardware China - Yongkang

Yongkang doors and hardware production area in China

Yongkang is known as the “Metal City” of China. Iron products have been produced there since ancient times. Centuries ago, bronze swords, crossbows, and shotguns were made there. Currently, the flagship goods produced in Yongkang are tools and machines. In Yongkang, the industrial value of this industry is 90%. Other tool manufacturing centers in China are Foshan and Zhongshan in the Guangdong Province.

“The City of Metal” is not the only name of Yongkang. It is also the “Doors Capital of China.” It is estimated that the city produces 25 million doors and similar products every year, of which almost 1/3 are placed on foreign markets.

Yongkang is the main production region of:

  • power tools (1/3 of all Chinese production)
  • building materials
  • steel tableware (more than half of Chinese production)
  • doors, especially anti-burglary (70% of the Chinese market and 2/3 of Chinese exports)
  • accessories for motor vehicles and motorbikes.

Mind that most factories specialize in manufacturing a product from a specific category. If you want to import a variety of products and equipment, be ready to visit many factories.

Factories and wholesale markets of doors and hardware in China

If you plan to visit several factories, we advise you to schedule up to two visits per day. Many people are unaware of long distances in China, and therefore it takes a lot of time to move between points. To increase your chances of making a great deal, it is worth preparing well for the negotiations with Chinese partners.

You can minimize the potential risk by having the Chinese factory checked. It is also important to verify the contractor, regardless of whether you have met them or not.

As with other production bases, there are also clusters of wholesalers in Yongkang. All kinds of tool products are found in the Jincheng (金城市场) market. It is divided into the following districts:

  • District 1: electric vehicles, tourist goods
  • Districts 2-4: metal goods (tools)
  • District 5: security doors and alike
  • District 6: bathroom and kitchen electronics.
Jincheng market in Yongkang
Jincheng in Yongkang,

The second major wholesale market is Jindu (金都). The product range in Jindu is more diverse compared to Jincheng. It is divided into theme streets:

  • 1st Street: measuring devices.
  • Streets 2nd,3rd: metal products for machines.
  • 4th Street: machine parts.
  • Street: power tools and accessories.
  • 6th Street: gifts made of metal.
  • 7th Street: hardware for machinery and gift tools.
  • 8th Street: electronic equipment, cables.
  • Streets 9th, 10th, 11th: vehicles and accessories.
Jindu market in Yongkang
Jindu in Yongkang,

Dahuayuan Market (大花园门业市场) focuses on doors and hardware.

Doors and hardware manufacturers in Yongkang

Doors and hardware trade fairs in Yongkang

China Hardware Fair

China Hardware Fair has been around since 1996. During this annual fair, exhibitors offer:

  • power tools and accessories
  • measurement tools
  • stainless steel products
  • electric cars and bicycles
  • construction products
  • and many others.

Location: Yongkang International Convention & Exhibition Center, Yongkang, China


Doors hardware fair in China
The 24th China Hardware Fair,

China (Yongkang) International Hardware and Smart Lock Industry Expo

This fair focuses on doors and hardware. The scope of the fair is door locks – fingerprint/palm print lock, face recognition lock; handles – door, drawer, cabinet door; transmission modules, hardware, and more.

Location: Yongkang International Convention & Exhibition Center, Yongkang, China


China (Yongkang) International Door Industry Expo

The main theme of the China (Yongkang) International Door Industry Expo is doors. You can find there any doors you wish for – anti-burglary, fire, balcony, room, automatic, sliding doors, as well as windows and accessories for doors and windows.

Location: Yongkang International Convention & Exhibition Center, Yongkang, China


China International Hardware and Electrical Appliances Fair

China International Hardware and Electrical Appliances Fairs are all about tools and power tools. You can find power tools, cutting equipment, garden equipment, water pumps, small household appliances, lamps, and much more during this fair.

Location: Yongkang International Convention & Exhibition Center, Yongkang, China


Doors and hardware production area in China. A Guide

How to get to Yongkang?

By plane

The nearest airport to Yongkang is Yiwu Airport. Yongkang is about an hour and a half ride by car from the airport.

By train

  • Many rail classes run from Beijing to Yongkang (South). The trip by direct high-speed train takes less than 8 hours (660-2250 RMB one way). The cheaper class rail travel takes over 25 hours (200-550 RMB).
  • The journey from Shanghai to Yongkang by high-speed train takes more than 2 hours (160-490 RMB).
  • Indirect travel by high-speed train from Guangzhou to Yongkang takes about 7 hours (690-2100 RMB).
Yongkang in China

How to get around Yongkang?

Taxis are the best to get around Chinese cities. The tariff in Yongkang starts at RMB 5 for two kilometers; a fuel surcharge is also added. The night tariff (11 pm-6 am) is 20% more expensive.

You can ride buses instead of taking taxis. There are over a dozen lines in Yongkang, mainly running from 6 am to 8 pm. The ride is 1-1.5 RMB.

US duty rates for doors and hardware

When importing goods from a third country, you have to have a customs clearance carried out. It means the obligation to pay the customs duty. Customs rates (tariffs) vary depending on the product category. Below we present the duty in the field of metals, doors, and tools from China:

  • Bars and rods, hot-rolled, in irregularly wound coils, of stainless steel (7221.00.00) – 0%
  • Doors and door frames (3925.20.10) – 5.3%
  • Stainless steel round wire (7223.00.10) – 0%
  • Equipment for scaffolding, shuttering, propping or pitpropping (7308.40.00.00) – 0%
  • French doors (4418.20.40.00) – 4.8%
  • Thumb tacks (7317.00.10.00) – 0%
  • Screw hooks and screw rings (7318.13.00.00) – 5.7%
  • Hammers and sledgehammers, and parts thereof with heads not over 1.5 kg each (8205.20.30.00) – 6.2%
  • Door locks, locksets and other locks suitable for use with interior or exterior doors (8301.40.60.30) – 5.7%

Do you want to import doors and other building materials from China? Read our guide “Importing tools from China.” Check out other production regions in China!