Chinese New Year 2022 campaigns

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in China. It is an extremely joyful period and an opportunity to give loved ones gifts, sometimes related to the Spring Festival. Therefore, many global brands release special editions around this time, and the most prevalent theme is the Chinese zodiac sign for the given year. In this article, we present some of the Chinese New Year 2022 campaigns.

Chinese New Year 2022 – the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year 2022 falls on February 1, and it marks a new year according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, which stands for energy, courage, and strength.

Chinese New Year is celebrated in China and in countries that were influenced by Chinese cultures, such as Tibet, Korea, and Vietnam. The traditions related to the celebration of the Chinese New Year are:

  • house cleaning
  • having a reunion dinner with all family members
  • worshiping ancestors
  • decorating the house (artworks made of red paper, festival couplets)
  • setting off fireworks and firecrackers
  • exchanging gifts, especially new clothes.

Chinese New Year 2022 campaigns

Chinese holidays especially celebrated as pompously as Chinese New Year, are a great opportunity for companies to increase sales by releasing limited editions. Brands outside China that exist in the Chinese market also organize special promotional campaigns for the Chinese New Year. It is common for luxury brands and alike to cooperate with Chinese designers and artists to launch special collections. Creatures from the Chinese zodiac are often the main theme. As the Chinese zodiac signs are repeated every twelve years, it is not difficult to guess the year the special edition was released. We present advertising campaigns of global brands for the Chinese New Year 2022.

1. Adidas for CNY 2022

Adidas has released a special collection for the Chinese New Year of the Tiger – almost 200 products. This limited edition includes clothing, footwear, and accessories for women, men, and children. The main themes are Chinese-inspired patterns (cut-outs) to express good wishes and tiger stripes. Gold and red are the main colors of the limited edition, associated with good fortune, joy, wealth, and prosperity in China. Many articles were made of recycled materials. Some of the items from the collection are also available outside China.

chinese new year 2022 campaigns Addidas

2. Bottega Veneta for the Year of the Tiger

As part of the Spring Festival 2022 campaign, Bottega Veneta went the extra mile – on a section of the Great Wall of China, BV displayed a digital image wishing Happy Chinese New Year. In a limited collection for the New Lunar Year, you will not find a tiger theme or brown colors; the dominant color is mandarin (the sound of a mandarin color in the Chinese language is similar to “success”), and green – the representative color of the brand. Models like He Cong and Wang Chenming took part in the campaign.

chinese new year 2022 campaigns Bottega Veneta

3. Prada for the Spring Festival 2022

Prada launched an “Action in the Year of the Tiger” campaign that spreads awareness of endangered species. Together with the China Green Foundation, Prada advocates for the conservation of endangered Amur tigers as part of the “Walking with Tiger and Leopard” program. Therefore, instead of the tiger theme, Prada used floral patterns and minimalist lines and triangles in a minimal color palette (red, white, and black).

chinese new year 2022 campaigns Prada

4. Gucci for the CNY 2022

The main theme of the Gucci Tiger women’s and men’s collections are tigers on a floral background, which is a variation of the graphics from the 1960s. There are also more classic patterns, such as stripes and the monogram of the fashion house. Gucci was under fire for using live tigers in its advertising campaign for the Spring Festival 2022.

Xiao Zhan, Li Yuchun, Ni Ni and Lu Han for Gucci, source: Twitter @Gucci

5. Chinese New Year 2022 campaigns – Burberry

For the Chinese New Year 2022, Burberry has created a collection with a tiger theme and tiger fur colors. The color palette is similar to the classic Burberry – beige, brown, and black with red accents. The prices are more or less the same as the regular collection (tiger mascot key chain – RMB 3200, wool sweater – RMB 12900, handbag – RMB 17200, trench coat with tiger stripes lining – RMB 21500). Chinese models such as Liu Bingbing, Wang Xiangguo, Liu Chunjie, and Yang Ling took part in the campaign.

chinese new year 2022 campaigns Burberry

6. Coca-Cola for the Year of the Tiger

The reunion dinner is one of the highlights of the Spring Festival celebrations; Coca-Cola has decided to include this aspect in its advertising campaign. In a short animation, the tiger family gathers at the table to celebrate together and strengthen bonds. A special edition of cans with cartoonish tigers has been placed on the market.

chinese new year 2022 campaigns Coca-Cola
Source: Twitter @Coca-Cola Singapore

7. Hennessy for the CNY 2022

Hennessy is a famous cognac producer. In preparation for CNY 2022, the company worked with a Shanghai-based artist Zhang Enli. The artist’s paintings were recreated on the packaging in three variations of the unique cognac edition: Paradis, V.S.O.P, and X.O. The artist used a Chinese style of painting; using bold colors of paint applied with a wide brush, he expressed the strength and vitality of the tigers.

chinese new year 2022 campaigns Hennessy

8. McDonald’s for the Spring Festival 2022

From January 12 to February 15, 2022, McDonald’s restaurants in Mainland China offer a special set in festive packaging. The set includes a shrimp burger, chicken wings in honey sauce, a red bean-flavored dessert, and more. Like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s emphasizes the importance of sharing meals. For CNY 2022, McDonald’s also offers special discount coupons.

Source: Weibo @麦当劳

9. Chinese New Year 2022 campaigns – Apple

As part of the advertising campaign for the Spring Festival 2022, Apple released a limited edition of AirPods Pro wireless earbuds (RMB 1999). The features are the same as the regular version; the only difference is the tiger engraving on the charging case. The special edition of earbuds is available in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The AirPods come with red envelopes with the twelve Chinese zodiac signs.

chinese new year 2022 campaigns Apple

10. L’Occitane for the CNY 2022

L’Occitane en Provence cosmetics company offers a set of cosmetics for the Chinese New Year. Each of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs is assigned a cosmetic product like oils, lotions, Eau de Parfum, shower gels, and hand creams.


Promotional campaigns for the Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese New Year is one of the best opportunities to increase sales in China apart from Singles’ Day. To launch a successful CNY-themed promotional campaign, you need to understand the culture of Chinese holidays and incorporate its elements into the campaign. You can improve sales performance by working with famous Chinese personalities, models, and artists.

If you export to China, it is worth investing in advertising campaigns for the Chinese New Year. If you work with Chinese companies, find out how the holidays affect business with China.