Chinese New Year 2015 – impact on imports from China

The Chinese New Year 2015 (the lunar new year) starts on February 19, 2015, but it is worth preparing in advance. It is the most important holiday in China, this has consequences for the rest of the business world. So if you do business with China, keep it in mind.

Chinese New Year 2015 – impact on imports from China

During the celebration, most Chinese factory and office employees travel to their hometowns (often to different cities and provinces) to spend that time with their families; this results in a break from work for at least a week in most Chinese companies.

At this time, it is almost impossible to do any serious business with China. Mind the fact that the Chinese Holiday gap may extend up to two weeks. You won’t be able to contact your supplier in China, get any cargo out of a Chinese port, or contact the customs office, banks, and other important institutions. So prepare for this. That’s why you should finish everything before the mid of February.

We also don’t recommend you travel during the Chinese New Year to China. Every hotel will be booked, airline tickets will go up, and the whole of China will be on the go.

It is often the case that workers do not come back to their previous jobs after this holiday, so many factory owners need to hire new employees. Many China importers are trying to avoid this slowdown, so they are placing bigger orders end the end of this year, which creates a high demand for cargo shipping.

If you consider buying goods and importing from China, mind all Chinese holidays, especially the Chinese New Year the most.