Does the website prove the existence of a Chinese company?

We have already written about how many Chinese scams can be avoided by confirming the existence of the company in the People’s Republic of China. A common importer’s mistake is to assume that if there is a website, there is probably an existing registered company. Unfortunately, often it is not. The statement “The company for certain exists because it has got a website, the address and all, there are even pictures of the factory” is naive. Scammers often copy the contents of the pages of existing Chinese companies, often with the address, photo, and logo. So does a website always prove that the Chinese company exists?

Chinese company website and scams

A website can tell us a lot about a company. If it contains the address of registration, it must be compared with the address written in the company’s registration document, the Chinese Business Licence.

It is also worth verifying when the internet website has been registered and whether it is actually assigned to the Chinese company. Often on the website, the company provides information about how long, whether it is the manufacturer or agent, and in what industries it works, all this information also must be confirmed with the data given in the official documents of the company. An existing company that provides false information on the Internet is not a reliable partner.

We should also mention that sometimes large operating factories in China do not have a website. On the other hand, even if the website has been up for 15 years, it does not prove much. So how should we make the decision? Certainly not only on the basis of information on the website.

Even though a Chinese has a well-prepared and professional-looking website, it does not mean it is a legitimate one. Chinese scammers know this is a great screen, so they do not spare the effort of building their websites and maintaining communication. A far-sighted importer will not be taken in, but a lot of newcomers can get scammed and bear losses.

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