China Business License verification

If you are trading with China, it is worth asking your business partners to send basic documents in order to reduce the risk of possible fraud. In the beginning, it is worth determining whether the company has a valid legal registration in China. The basic document you should ask for is a business license (business license). Every legally operating company must possess a license, and there should not be a problem in sending a copy via email. How to conduct China Business License verification?

China Business License verification

China Business License verification is the first step to confirming the existence of a Chinese company. The document should look like the one presented in the picture above. To understand it, you have to know how to read Chinese.

Chinese business license has an expiration date, so make sure the one you are provided with is valid. It is important that the scan of the license is clear and in color; this reduces the probability that the document is counterfeit.

It is worth adding that the Chinese business license is the most common counterfeit document by Chinese scammers. It is also popular to send another company´s license; in this case, the scammer thinks the importer won’t bother verifying it (the importer does not translate the text of the license into English, assuming that if there is a document in Chinese, it is “certainly genuine”).

It is worth adding that if the company is registered in Hong Kong, it will present a different company registration document since the company is not entitled to run business in mainland China. It is worth keeping it in mind while planning imports from China.

Our team of experts has verified countless Chinese and Hong Kong business licenses, confirming their compliance with government records. If you do not have any documents and want to obtain data from the Chinese company, please contact us! [email protected]