Changes at the Canton Fair

For years, China’s largest trade fair, Canton Fair, has been held stationary in three phases twice a year. However, from the 134th edition (from autumn 2023), there are changes at the Canton Fair. What industries at the Canton Fair are affected by the changes?

Changes at the Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is held twice a year, in spring and fall. Each of the two editions of the trade fair is divided into three phases, and the exhibition areas featured have been the same for years. The 133rd Canton Fair was held as follows:

  • Phase I (electronics, machines, tools, lighting, etc.)
  • Phase II (consumer goods, home textiles, toys, gifts, etc.)
  • Phase III (textiles, footwear, medical devices, etc.).

However, this will change from the 134th edition. In order to optimize and improve the largest trade fair in China, the organizers decided to adjust some exhibition areas in individual phases and rename others.

What has changed at Canton Fair?

According to the official announcement of the Canton Fair organizers, the following changes are introduced from the 134th edition (autumn 2023):

1. The following exhibition areas have been adjusted from Phase I to Phase II:

  • building and decoration materials
  • bathroom equipment

2. The following exhibition areas have been adjusted from Phase II to Phase III:

  • pet supplies
  • toys
  • maternity and child products
  • bathroom supplies
  • personal care appliances

3. The construction and agricultural machinery (for internal and external use) exhibition area has been divided into two separate spaces.

4. The chemical products exhibition area in Phase I has been renamed to the new materials and chemical products exhibition area.

5. The new energy sources and smart vehicles exhibition area from Phase I has been renamed to the new energy vehicles (NEV) and smart travel exhibition area.

After the changes, Canton Fair is divided into 55 exhibition zones.

How do the changes affect exhibitors and guests?

The changes to the Canton Fair mean that exhibitors and visitors whose industries have been adjusted must change their trade show attendance strategy.

Before registering, check which phase and exhibit area you are most interested in, as the individual phases take place on different dates, and the complex is huge. Plan your participation in the Canton Fair accordingly.

Canton Fair 2023 Fall edition dates: October 15-19, 2023 / October 23-27, 2023 / October 31 – November 4, 2023