CE certificate verification with examples

If you import to the European Union, you must provide a “CE certificate” for customs and market surveillance purposes. But to the surprise of many companies importing from China, the CE certificate has some limitations. It can easily be forged. Even if it was issued based on test reports of a legitimate agency, it does not necessarily guarantee the quality of products. Why is quality control worth it?

“CE certificate”

The certificate issuer cannot be held responsible for the non-conformity of the delivered product. While the onsite check was performed during the certificate application procedures, the production line is not under constant surveillance. Therefore, the manufacturer can easily scam its client. For example, in many cases, the manufacturer is supplying different products using the same model name.

What has to be included in the DoC?

In the EU legislation, there is no “CE certificate.” The closest to it is the Declaration of Conformity. It contains information such as:

  • manufacturer’s name and full business address or its authorized representative
  • a statement stating that the manufacturer takes full responsibility
  • the details of the notified body which carried out the conformity assessment procedure (if applicable)
  • means of identification of product allowing traceability (such as an image)
  • the relevant legislation with which the product complies, and any harmonized standards used to prove compliance
  • manufacturer’s name and signature
  • the date the declaration was issued
  • supplementary information.
DoC Chinese company
“CE certificate” issued for a Chinese company – the title is wrong

Declaration of Conformity and product quality

Declaration of Conformity states that the product conforms to required standards and safety regulations. It does not, however, confirms that its quality is good.

To make sure that the ordered products are up to your quality standards, have the quality checks conducted.

Our quality control service includes:

  • aid in choosing the type of quality control
  • visit and inspection in a Chinese factory
  • inspector’s travel cost
  • communication with a representative from a Chinese company
  • detailed photo and video documentation
  • inspection report 1-2 days after the control
  • phone and e-mail consultation.