CBAM reporting – how to do it?

CBAM reporting

Do you source products from carbon-intensive industries, such as aluminum, iron, steel, or cement? From October 1, 2023, are subject to new obligations when bringing goods into the customs territory of the European Union under CBAM. One of the obligations … Read more

Single-Use Plastics Directive in the European Union

SUPD single use plastics directive

One of the European Union’s goals in terms of environmental politics is regulating single-use plastic products. Reducing the volume and impact of some plastic products’ environment is a great concern for the EU bodies. Therefore, the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive … Read more

CBAM – EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism


Rules regarding the import of steel, aluminum, and other products came into force on October 1, 2023. The European Union’s CBAM tool aims to encourage cleaner manufacturing in non-EU countries. What are importers’ obligations related to CBAM? CBAM – what … Read more

What goods are covered by CBAM? CBAM goods codes

cbam goods

The EU CBAM mechanism set new obligations for importers of products from energy-intensive industries, such as iron, aluminum, cement, and steel. One of the obligations is to submit declarations. What exactly are CBAM goods, and what are their codes? What … Read more

Letter of credit

Letter of credit

When you import goods from abroad, you might worry that your supplier will disappear with your product and your money after payment goes through. The best way to secure your interest is by signing a letter of credit. It is … Read more

CBP Form 3461

CBP Form 3461

Customs release process can feel like forever. Who would not want to speed up the release of goods? If your import into the US, you can speed up the process by submitting CBP Form 3461, the Customs Release document. What … Read more

CBP Form 7501

CBP Form 7501

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been overseeing America’s borders and ports of entry since 2003. To carry out customs procedures in import into the US, you must present the CBP with many documents and pay due duties. … Read more

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

Consumer product safety improvement act (CPSIA)

CPSC is a federal organization that protects consumers from harmful products in the USA. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is a landmark consumer product safety law amended by this organization in 2008. What does the CPSIA regulate? What is … Read more

What is the Unified Social Credit Code?

Unified Social Credit Code

When importing from China, you’ll come across some terms that are crucial to know. One of them is the Unified Social Credit Code (USCC). This code is issued to all registered companies and various organizations throughout Mainland China. What exactly … Read more


CITES convention

One of the reasons for biodiversity loss on Earth is the wild animals and rare plants trade. Therefore, trade in specimens of selected species is restricted internationally by the Washington Convention, also known as CITES. We present who is a … Read more

REACH regulation

REACH regulation

The European Union has set a goal of minimizing the significant negative effects on human health and the environment caused by the production and use of chemicals. One of the measures against such effects is the REACH regulation. If you … Read more

SDS Safety Data Sheet

SDS safety data sheet

The SDS Safety Data Sheet (formerly known as MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet) is a document required for all types of substances that are considered dangerous. The usage of goods containing such substances without the SDS is prohibited in … Read more

Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)

Children's Product Certificate

Children can easily be harmed if the product they use is unsafe. Therefore, there are many regulations on the market, ensuring that toys and other children’s products do not put children in danger. One such regulation is a requirement for … Read more

UL Certification

UL certification

When running a business, the safety of your workers and clients should always be a priority. Some fields are riskier than others, and equivalent safety measures have been set to ensure the sold products are not dangerous to use. In … Read more

CPSC – Consumer Product Safety Commission

CPSC – Consumer Product Safety Commission

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is an independent federal organization protecting consumers from the risks associated with using various types of products. The agency has jurisdiction over a wide range of goods meant to be sold on the US market. … Read more

UKCA mark

UKCA mark

Following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, there has been a transitional period during which the terms of trade between the UK and the EU are determined. One of the discussion’s subjects is a CE mark … Read more

Contract with a Chinese supplier

Contract with a Chinese supplier

Thanks to widespread online B2B services, trading with China is getting easier. However, it results in entrepreneurs thinking that it is enough to order goods via the internet without going through any additional formalities. Unfortunately, when importing from China, we … Read more

CE and test reports – what is important?

CE and test reports

One of the critical issues in the import process is recognizing whether the goods you want to import are subject to directives and what requirements they should meet. If respective documents confirming compliance with the specified standards are not attached, … Read more

What is a GOTS certification?

GOTS certification

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is a worldwide leading standard concerning soft goods. It focuses on individual stages of the entire production chain of products made of natural fabrics. Its main purpose is to promote producing goods in accordance … Read more

FDA – Food and Drug Administration

FDA Food Drug Administration

Manufacturers and importers must consider numerous product safety regulations in their operations. This applies in particular to such goods as food, medicines, cosmetics, and medical devices. Within the European Union, compliance with EU directives is of utmost importance. In turn, … Read more


FCC certification

In times of globalization and the necessity to adapt goods to the requirements of the international market, it is essential to be familiar with relevant certificates. Each marking is proof that a product meets specific technical and safety standards specified … Read more

CE format

CE mark format

The CE marking for the European Union market can be quite an enigma, especially to novice importers, as they are not familiar with all the standards. Many of them wonder what the correct CE format is. It turns out that … Read more

Chinese invoice

Chinese invoice

Commercial invoice undoubtedly plays a crucial role in the import as well as the export of goods. It constitutes the basis of posting transactions, calculating tariffs, or accounting. Moreover, the Chinese invoice is one of the documents indispensable at customs … Read more

Goods without CE marking

Goods without CE marking

CE marking is mandatory for many product groups. It is a manufacturer’s or his authorized representative’s declaration that the product meets the requirements stated in the New Approach directives. Machinery, toys, and medical devices, as well as all devices that … Read more

Products that need CE marking

Products that need CE marking

The Member States of the European Union decided to lift trade barriers to stimulate mutual trade and to establish a common policy with non-EU countries. Thus, the single European market was created. One of the main obstacles was national requirements … Read more

CE certificate verification with examples

If you import to the European Union, you must provide a “CE certificate” for customs and market surveillance purposes. But to the surprise of many companies importing from China, the CE certificate has some limitations. It can easily be forged. … Read more

Glossary of terms: CE mark

CE mark in the EU

If you pay attention, you can spot a “CE” mark on the packaging of some products. What does it mean? The CE symbol means that the given product complies with EU requirements and was put into circulation. Which products on … Read more

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

Knowledge of the most important terms in international trade is crucial for mutual understanding. For example, one of the most common terms is “certificate of origin.” What is this document, and how to obtain it? What is the Certificate of … Read more