Canton Fair Phase 1

China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is one of the largest trade shows in the world. It takes place in spring and fall in Guangzhou, one of the biggest cities in China. It is divided into three phases. Canton Fair Phase 1 is all about electronic products, vehicles, and machinery.

Canton Fair Phase 1

Where is Canton Fair held?

Canton Fair (广交会) takes place in China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou) Complex in Guangzhou. Pazhou Complex is one of the largest exhibition centers in the world. It is as big as 240 football pitches and divided into A, B, C, and D exhibition areas. There are over 60,000 stands.

Canton Fair address is Pazhou Complex, Yuejiangzhong Road 382, Haizhu, Guangzhou.

When is Canton Fair Phase 1?

Every year, there are two sessions of the Canton Fair: spring and fall. The first phase of the China Import and Export Fair is on:

  • Spring session: April 15-19
  • Fall session: October 15-19

Official China Import and Export Fair website:

Canton Fair Phase 1 all product categories

Electronics & household electrical appliances

  • consumer electronics and information products
    • audio-video products: home theatres, VCD, DVD, CD, LD, microphones, karaoke equipment, TVs, set-top boxes, video recorders, tape recorders, tape readers, radios, megaphones, loudspeakers, car audio system
    • digital entertainment products: MP3, MP4, MD, portable music players, digital cameras, electronic game products
    • communications: mobiles, pagers, interphones, PDA
    • power products: dry battery, lithium battery, power bank, other power products
    • computer products
      • computer & parts: large & medium-sized computers, minicomputers, microcomputers, desktops, laptops, CD-drive, floppy drives, memory, hard disks, CPU, sound cards, video cards, mainboards, keyboards, mouse, monitors, computer spare parts, word processors
      • computer peripherals: printers, disks, CDs, tapes, scanners, webcams, CD-writers, UPS, and other peripherals
      • computer network equipment: servers, modems, routers, hubs, network cards, workstations, switches
      • computer software: operation software, office software, accounting software, management software, image design software, computer security software, network tool software, game software, education software, multi-media software, developing & programming software, translation & dictionary software
      • other electronic products: digital weather stations, electronic anti-theft labels, electric compasses
  • electronic and electrical products
    • electronic security equipment: monitors, sirens, auto security products, detectors, sensors, channel control systems, home security products, office security products, automatic security products, electronic lock systems, smart cards
    • business automation equipment: photocopiers, electronic bulletin boards, projectors, shredders, attendance machines, video conference meeting equipment, electronic cash registers, ATMs, card machines, bill counters, barcode printers, barcode scanners, data collectors, IC cards
    • electronic & electrician products: optoelectronic devices, rectifiers, inverters, amplifiers, transducers, frequency dividers, power relays, adapters, batteries, voltage transformers, voltage stabilizers, power inductors, reactors, circuit breakers, multimeters, connectors, measurement equipment, chargers, electronic testing equipment, electronic components (capacitance, resistance, transistors, diode, dynatron, piezoelectric, inductance components, loops, sockets, switches, wires, cables, circuit boards)
    • electric equipment: electric furnaces, cable fittings, electrical carbon products, wires, cables, electric porcelain, composite insulator, electrical appliances
  • household electrical appliances
    • kitchen appliances: microwave ovens, electric heat pots, electric rice cookers, electric ovens, gas cookers, kitchen ventilators, exhaust fans, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, food processors, juice extractors, kitchen mixers, cleaning filters
    • refrigerators & refrigeration equipment: refrigerators, freezers
    • air conditioners & ventilation equipment: air conditioners, fans, air humidifiers, air dryers, air purifiers
    • washing & drying machinery: washing machines, drying machines, electric irons
    • other small electrical appliances: calculators, water heaters, hairdryers, oxygen machines, electric shavers, electric power tools, torches, vacuums, stoves, mosquito killers

Lighting equipment at Canton Fair

  • application of illumination system: industry lighting, decorative lighting, emergency and security lighting, entertainment and stage lighting; office, advertising and exhibition lighting, outdoor lighting
  • electric light source: fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, incandescent lamps, neon lamps, neon lights, iodine tungsten lamps, magnesian lamps, bromine tungsten lamps
  • light fittings: lamp shades, lamp posts, optical fiber, lamp plates, lamp holders, lamp caps, ballasts, voltage stabilizers, voltage transformers, starters, adapters, converters, sensors

Vehicles & spare parts

  • bicycles: bicycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, bicycle parts
  • motorcycles, beach cars, motorcycle parts
  • vehicle spare parts
    • vehicle spare parts: engines & spare parts, cooling, lubricants & fuel supply spare parts, transmission parts, steering & brake parts, vehicle dashboard & parts, auto electric equipment and parts
    • tires
    • optimization equipment
    • maintenance & related products vehicle decorations
  • non-engineering vehicles: cars, coaches, off-road vehicles, chassis, trailers, insulated vans, freezer cars, fuel tankers, buses, ambulances, water carts, tool carts, aircraft tractors, special vehicles used in airports, trolleybuses & equipment, golf trolleys, ATVs, armor cash carriers, vans, freight cars, dump carts
Hardware at Canton Fair phase 1

Machinery at Canton Fair

  • power machinery and electric power
    • power machinery: electric engines, power-generating sets, diesel engines
    • electric power: power generator, generating sets, transmission facilities, synchronous condensers
  • general machinery, small processing machinery, and industrial accessories
    • general machinery: pumps, valves, fans, compressors
    • small processing machinery: small processing machinery: electric welding machines, gas cutting machines, cutting machines, bench drills, grinders, machine tool accessories
    • industrial parts: bearing, forging, casting, body, chain, spring, general valve, molds, gears, powder metallurgy, pneumatic components, seals, hydraulic pressure parts, other industrial parts
    • instruments: electronic instruments, electric instruments, microscopes, surveying & mapping instruments, observation instruments, physical optical instruments, other optical instruments, material testing machines, geological exploration equipment and instruments, thermodynamic instruments, automation instruments, construction test instruments, hydrological instruments & civil engineering instruments, laboratory instruments, special instruments, other physical & chemical instruments
    • camera instruments: cinematographic instruments, photographic instruments, other photomechanical & cinematographic instruments
    • printing apparatus
    • household sewing machines & spare parts, weaving supplies
    • transport equipment: ship equipment and spare parts, special underwater equipment, aeronautic equipment and spare parts, railway vehicles and related equipment
    • car repairing equipment: oil nuzzle washing and sterilizing machines, vehicle lifts, used oil extraction machines, tire changers
  • construction machinery
    • construction and agriculture machinery (indoor area)
      • small construction vehicles: vibration rammers, small suspended platforms, brick cutters
      • agriculture and forestry machinery: harvesting machinery, farming equipment, power-driven rice transplanting machines, manual rice transplanting machines, drainage and irrigation machinery, farmland improving machinery, animal husbandry machinery, spare parts of agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, other agriculture and forestry machinery
      • gardening machinery: mowing machines, sprayers
      • agricultural and sideline products processing machinery: grease machinery, rice machinery, packaging machinery, inspection instruments
    • construction and agriculture machinery (outdoor open area)
      • construction machinery: forklifts, excavators, tipcarts, truck cranes, crawler cranes, concrete mixer trucks, plate compactors, suspended platforms, brick cutters
      • civil construction engineering machinery: mining machinery, hoisting machinery, coal mine machinery, geological machinery, firefighting machinery, petroleum machinery
    • agriculture and forestry machinery: agricultural transport vehicles, tractors, boat tractors, farming equipment, power-driven rice transplanting machines, manual rice transplanting machines, power-driven sprayer/dust blower, manual sprayer/dust blowers, drainage and irrigation machinery, harvesting machinery, economic crops machinery, farmland improving machinery, animal husbandry machinery, spare parts of agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, grain and oil processing machinery, cotton processing machinery, animal husbandry and veterinary machinery, agricultural byproducts processing machinery (blenders, grinders, oil presses)
  • large machinery & equipment
    • large machinery: metal cutting machine tools, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, pharmaceutical machines, plastics machinery, packaging machinery, tobacco machinery, printing machinery, food processing machinery, rubber processing machinery, chemical machinery, forging machinery, foundry machinery
    • complete sets of equipment: production lines of various light industry products
Machinery at Canton Fair phase 1

Hardware & tools

  • hardware: furniture hardware, decoration hardware, locks and fittings, wire meshes, welding materials, low-pressure valves, water-heating equipment, cast iron products, castings and forgings, fasteners, sundry hardware (pulleys, metallic hoses, bank nails, chains), other hardware products
  • tools: measuring tools, grinding tools, cutlery, manual tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, hydraulic tools, welding tools, mechanical tools, cutting tools, farming tools

Chemical products

  • inorganic chemicals: chemical elements, mineral acids & inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals, halides & sulfides of non-metals, inorganic bases & metal oxides, hydroxides, and peroxides, salts of inorganic acids & salts of inorganic peroxoacids & salts of oxometallic acids, miscellaneous inorganic chemicals, other inorganic chemicals
  • organic chemicals: hydrocarbons and their derivatives, alcohols and their derivatives, phenols & phenol-alcohols and their derivatives, peroxides and their derivatives, aldehyde-based compounds, ketone or quinone-based compounds, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, ester of inorganic acids of non-metals and their salts, compounds with nitrogen function, other organic compounds
  • agricultural chemicals: chemical fertilizers, agricultural pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals
  • dyes, pigments, paints, and intermediates
  • plastics and plastic products
  • rubber and rubber products

New energy resources at Canton Fair

  • solar photovoltaic products, cells, and modules
  • photovoltaic application products, production equipment, raw materials, engineering and system, parts
  • solar-thermal products
  • solar water heater, solar-assisted heat pump, solar thermal collector, solar air conditioner, other solar-thermal products, and accessories
  • wind power products and accessories
  • other new energy resources products
Tools at Canton Fair phase 1

Why is Canton Fair worth attending?

Attending Canton Fair is one of the best business decisions you can make because during the fair, you can:

  • network with other industry professionals and create business opportunities
  • enhance brand exposure through face-to-face interactions
  • find suppliers that are not online (many Canton Fair’s suppliers are not on Alibaba!)
  • get to know your competitors
  • see and test products for yourself
  • learn about the industry and new trends (if you have time, attend some seminars and panel discussions)

Canton Fair Online

If you cannot participate in the fair on-site, you can connect with suppliers from the comfort of your home or office. During and after Canton Fair, you can browse products and suppliers on an online platform. The platform is not split into phases; instead, the online catalog is divided into 16 categories and 50 sections. If you register, you can access time-limited features like scheduling negotiation appointments, asking questions during suppliers’ live streams, and more.

How to choose the right supplier?

The Canton Fair suppliers’ selection is extensive, and not every vendor is your match. Before you decide to cooperate, verify a chosen supplier to see if the company is reliable. Don’t get scammed and protect your business.