Alipay – how to set up?

If you live or travel to China, you need to use mobile payments to keep up. Over a billion users embrace digital payment solutions, using apps such as WeChat Pay (Weixin Pay), Alipay (zhifubao), and others. In this post, we’ll break down the process of setting up an Alipay account. Alipay – how to set up an account?

Alipay – how to set up? A step-by-step guide

Alipay is a popular app owned by Alibaba Group. It is one of China’s premier digital wallet platforms. With Alipay’s digital wallet, users can securely store payment methods, including debit and credit cards, as well as bank account information, allowing for swift and convenient transactions with just a few taps on their smartphones. Moreover, in one app you can make bill payments, transfer money, and even invest.

Here is a step-by-step guide on setting up Alipay.

1. Download the Alipay app

Download the Alipay app from the Apple Store (Apple devices) or Google Store (Android devices).

2. Register on Alipay

Set up an Alipay account by entering your phone number and entering the verification code you get in a message.

Alipay how to set up download
Alipay how to set up

3. Choose your Country/Region and agree to terms

Once you’ve created your Alipay account, agree to the Service Agreement and Privacy Protection and choose your country or region.

setting up Alipay

4. Go to Me in the bottom bar and select Bank Cards

In order to add cards to your digital wallet feature, go to the “Me” section and select “Bank Cards.”

Alipay how to add a card

5. Choose Add Card in Alipay

In Bank Cards, choose “Add Card.”

Alipay add a card

6. Alipay payment password

Before you enter your bank card information, set the payment password and enter it again for confirmation. By tapping on “Done,” you automatically agree to the Agreement.

If you log in to the Alipay app on a different device, you must verify your payment password.

Alipay payment password

7. Add your card information

Enter the bank card number or scan your card with your phone camera.Then just put in more information and you are done adding a card!

Alipay adding a card

8. How can I be added as a friend on Alipay?

If someone wants to transfer money to you on Alipay, go to “My Account” > “My Namecard” and show them your QR code.

Alipay Namecard

9. How to transfer money on Alipay?

On the main page, go to “Transfer” and choose where you want to transfer your money to, such as:

  • Alipay
  • bank
  • other Apps.

On the Alipay “Transfer” page, you can also choose to:

  • schedule your transfers
  • send transfers to multiple accounts
  • send Red Packet, popular during the Chinese New Year
  • split a Bill
  • give eGift Card
  • and more.
Alipay transfer money

10. How to get money on Alipay?

To receive transfers on Alipay, choose “Collect” on the main page and show your QR code.

Alipay receive money

11. Integrated features in Alipay

You can use Alipay to pay conveniently for services such as mobile top-up, transportation, takeout, renting movies, setting appointments, and more. Go to “More” on the main page and choose the option you desire from the AppCenter.

Alipay App center

12. See the available balance on Alipay

You can look up the available balance by going to “Balance.” From here, you can withdraw or recharge.

Please note that you must complete your personal information to use the balance function.

Alipay balance

Setting up Alipay – how to pay cashless in China?

There are two ways to pay using Alipay. You can:

  • show your QR code/barcode at the checkout/to the waiter in the app (it is automatically refreshed every minute)
  • scan the blue QR code at the checkout with your app.

If you want to set up a security verification step before displaying the payment code each time, enable the Payment Lock function. Click the “Pay/Receive” button and choose a verification method in “Face ID/Pattern Unlock.”

When paying, always make sure to confirm that the amount is correct!

Do I need Internet access to pay via Alipay?

If you want to pay with Alipay, make sure you have Internet access first. An internet connection is required the first time you use the payment code, but you can use the code without an internet connection after that.

What is the payment limit in Alipay?

No verification of payment password or other methods (such as Touch ID, Smile to Pay) is required for transactions with a payment amount of up to:

  • 1000 CNY in Mainland China
  • 5000 CNY outside the Mainland China.

When a single payment is higher than the above-indicated amount, Alipay will confirm whether it needs to verify your payment password or other transaction instruction verification methods (e.g., Touch ID, Smile to Pay) according to the real-time situation of the transaction. Bear in mind that the limit may be changed based on specific payment situations, etc.

Alipay – how to set up? Conclusion

Setting up Alipay is intuitive and not time-consuming. Some say that Alipay is more user-friendly than WeChat and WeChat Pay. Choose the best app for yourself and enjoy cashless payments in China!

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