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Trade fair in Canton - Facts

(Canton Fair more than 20000 visitors, 55 000 exhibition stands, biggest, oldest trade show in China)

Trade fair in Guangzhou

Trade fairs in China have a very long history. A fine example is Guangzhou Trade Fair, which takes place in southern city of Canton (Guangzhou). The Fair was held for the first time in 1957 and even then attracted thousands of visitors. As for now, Guangzhou Fair has two editions: spring edition (in April) and autumn edition (in October).

The spring edition takes place in April and May, as for the 2015 autumn edition, it lasts from 5 to 19 October (Phase 1), 23-27 October (phase 2) and 31 to 4 November (phase 3). During every phase, different goods are exhibited.
A couple of years ago, the exhibitions were held in old complex – Liuhua, located in the Guangzhou city center. But from 2008 the whole fair was relocated to the new exhibition center in Pazhou.

It is very easy to get to Canton Fair from Guangzhou’s biggest Baiyun International Airport, because during the exhibition shuttle buses operate between terminals, associated hotels and exhibition halls. Transportation from the neighboring Shenzhen and Hong Kong is also facilitated because of the vast network of highways and expressways. Canton Fair exhibition halls may be reached by Subway Line 8 (Pazhou 琶洲 station). The trade fair itself has international reputation and can be perceived as the Chinese window to the world.

Every edition is visited by almost 20000 visitors from around the globe, there are 55 000 exhibition stands, the overall exhibition area is 1,125,000 square meters.
Canton Fair is the best way to start import from China. Many of the beginner level importers go to Guangzhou to find out about the features and capabilities of Chinese factories. Canton Fair is divided into three phases, making it more convenient to explore, providing the large number of potential suppliers.
Many new products and new technical solutions are presented in Guangzhou; among the exhibitors we can find small, family enterprises which can often completely change their production lines to deliver our order, and big corporations, who offer an unbeatable mixture of experience, quality and reasonable price. 

Therefore, we recommend visiting Canton Fair to anyone, who wishes to import goods from China. We've prepared a complete Guide to Canton Fair.