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Shipping from China

(Importing from China - choose the best way to ship your goods from China. )

Shipping from China

Many importers, who are willing to do business with the Chinese, are thinking over the ways of transporting cargo from China to their countries. There are several popular choices, which can make the whole task easy: of course, every solution has different features and costs, we should choose our desirable way of transport after considering our requirements carefully.

Courier services

Courier services are a relatively expensive way of importing goods from China. Using this service is profitable only when small volumes of goods are being transported. If we decide to choose it, we should use the reliable company, such as DHL, EMS or UPS. Those companies may help us to deal with all formalities; we just need to provide them with necessary documents. Sometimes our parcel will wait for two weeks for customs clearance and the related fees will be applied. Modern courier services enable us to track the progress of parcels online; we just need to keep our tracking number in memory.

Air transport

Air transport is the fastest way of transporting goods. Usually the whole process takes only 1-3 days. There are many cargo airlines that operate in China, including FedEx Express, UPS Airlines or Cathay Pacific Cargo. Our Chinese partner should be responsible for choosing an appropriate air carrier, than he will receive air waybill (AWB) which is the most important document issued by a carrier either directly or through its authorized agent. It is a non-negotiable transport document, covering the transport from airport to airport. At the airport, we should contact customs agency, which will help us to pay duty, deal with formalities and prepare the cargo for sending to us.

Ocean freight

This is the most popular type of transport. There is a huge competition between the operators and freight fees may differ drastically, so before choosing your partner you should compare many offers. The present model of ocean freight shipment is more or less like this: huge container ships operate between major Chinese ports and so-called container hub ports (Rotterdam, Hamburg, Los Angeles), containers are unloaded there and transported to the destination point either by smaller ships, called feeders, or by the other means of transportation. The whole process takes 4 to 6 weeks; depending on a distance (you can calculate the estimated time of transport here - Most of the shipping companies have their own customs agency, which will help us to deal with formalities.

Regardless of the type of transport that we prefer, we need to remember to choose our business partner carefully – this refers not only to our supplier, but also to the shipping company.