How to find a trustworthy supplier from Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the industrial manufacturing centers of the world. Low labor costs encourage importers to source from Vietnamese suppliers. In this article, we will show you how to find a trustworthy supplier from Vietnam and verify the company.

How to find a trustworthy supplier from Vietnam

Sourcing from Vietnam

Vietnam is a country where you can find producers from various industries that export on a large scale. The top exports from Vietnam are:

  • broadcasting equipment 
  • telephones
  • integrated circuits
  • office machine parts
  • textile footwear.

If you plan to import from Vietnam to the EU, you can sometimes enjoy tariff-free shipments. In the coming years, most customs duties on goods from Vietnam to the EU will be lifted.

Finding the right supplier for your product

There are several ways to connect with suppliers:

  • browsing online directories and B2B platforms
  • exploring wholesale marketplaces
  • going to trade shows
  • contacting and visiting factories.

B2B platforms & directories

B2B (business-to-business) marketplaces and supplier directories are useful databases of suppliers from different countries around the world. The basic features include browsing manufacturers’ catalogs, reading testimonials, and contacting suppliers.



Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces for importers and exporters. Most companies offering their products on the site are suppliers from Asia. Alibaba is dominated by Chinese manufacturers, but some suppliers produce in Vietnam.

See how to buy on Alibaba



Vietfactory is “the largest directory of Vietnamese manufacturers.” It has over 50,000 suppliers in agriculture, fashion, automotive, construction, and other industries. Submit a Request for Supplier (RFS), wait for verification, and select a quote from a verified supplier of your choosing.

Global Sources


Global Sources is a well-known website, similar to Alibaba, connecting importers with suppliers from Asia. One of the features of Global Sources is matching importers with suppliers. The Request For Quotations (RFQ) feature allows you to get quotes from multiple companies for free. The Vietnam Sources is dedicated to suppliers from Vietnam.



AceVN is a B2B platform focused on suppliers from Vietnam and other Asian countries. The directory has information about manufacturers and service providers in 19 categories. The companies can be contacted by filling out a form.



AllBiz is a directory of manufacturers all over the world. On the Vietnamese subpage, there are many manufacturers of water-, gas-, heating supplies, and food & beverage.

Where can you find suppliers in Vietnam?

Wholesale markets in Vietnam are massive complexes where hundreds of shops sell in bulk. These sellers usually have a MOQ set, meaning you have to buy a certain quantity of product per order.

Chợ means “market” in Vietnamese.

Wholesale marketplaces in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. If you source from Vietnam, you may be interested in those three wholesale marketplaces in Hanoi:

  • The oldest multi-branch marketplace, Chợ Dong Xuan, was founded in 1898. Vendors sell textiles, apparel, electronics, household appliances, food, etc. It is targeted at wholesale buyers.
  • Chợ Hôm – Đức Viên is the second-largest wholesale marketplace in Hanoi. The range of products includes textiles, clothing, accessories, and food.
  • Chợ Nành Ninh Hiệp is a marketplace specializing in the textile and clothing industry.

Wholesale marketplaces in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon) is the second-biggest city in Vietnam.

  • Chợ Bình Tây is a multi-branch wholesale market. It is especially recommended for imported sourcing Vietnamese silk and velour, Asian spices, and snacks, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Chợ Thiếc is a popular marketplace specializing in costume, gold, and silver jewelry.
  • Soái Kình Lâm (Dong Khanh) is a cheap textile & clothing marketplace. There are about 500 shops selling fabrics at probably the lowest prices in the country.

Tradeshows in Vietnam

Participating in trade fairs creates many opportunities for importers, for example:

  • finding suppliers without an online presence
  • learn about industry trends and competitors
  • testing products
  • establishing new business contacts.

Below are examples of trade fairs held in Vietnam:

Vietnam International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition  

  • rubber & tire, plastic & polymers, extruding machines 
  • 14,800 visitors  
  • 580 exhibitors  

Vietnam Foodexpo

  • meat, poultry & seafood, dairy #spices & condiments, fruit & vegetables  
  • 20,000 visitors  
  • 400 exhibitors  

Hanoi Plas Vietnam

  • print & printing, plastic & polymers  
  • 5000 – 20,000 visitors  
  • 100 – 500 exhibitors  

Interfoam Vietnam

  • foam, foam sealants  
  • 6000 visitors  
  • 120 exhibitors  

Vietnam International Advertising Equipment and Technology Exhibition

  • advertising  
  • 10,000 visitors  
  • 500 exhibitors  

International Footwear & Leather Exhibition

  • leather & PU, leather products 
  • 15,000 visitors  
  • 750 exhibitors  

Vietnam International Textile & Apparel Accessories Exhibition

  • textile, fabrics & yarns, textile machinery 
  • 10,100 visitors  
  • 500 exhibitors  

Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair

  • industrial products  
  • 16,600 visitors  
  • 230 exhibitors  

Pharmed & Healthcare Vietnam

  • tools & equipment, rehabilitation, medical tools  
  • 10,000 visitors  
  • 350 exhibitors  

Vietnam International Woodworking & Furniture

  • saw blades  
  • 11,600 visitors  
  • 570 exhibitors  

Vietnam International Premium Products Fair

  • fashion, food, household appliances  
  • 19,000 visitors  
  • 200 exhibitors  

Industrial Engineering

  • rubber & tire, plastic & polymers  
  • 5000 – 20,000 visitors  
  • 100 – 500 exhibitors  

Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo

  • electromedical equipment  
  • 13,500 visitors  
  • 450 exhibitors  

Vietnam Saigon Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo

  • textile, fabrics & yarns  
  • 28,800 visitors  
  • 1000 exhibitors  

International Exhibition on Electrical Technology & Equipment

  • renewable energy  
  • 28,000 visitors  
  • 150 exhibitors  

Vietnam Manufacturing Expo

  • car parts 
  • 20,000 – 50,000 visitors  
  • 200 exhibitors  

Vietnam PrintPack

  • printing, coating equipment, silk screen printing  
  • 16000 visitors  
  • 360 exhibitors  

Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition

  • meat, poultry & seafood  
  • 16,000 visitors  
  • 250 exhibitors  

Vietnam ASEAN International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair

  • furniture  
  • 15,000 visitors  
  • 350 exhibitors  

Cosmobeaute Vietnam

  • cosmetics, gems & jewelry  
  • 14,500 visitors  
  • 220 exhibitors  

Vietfood & Beverage – Vietnam

  • tea & coffee, confectionery  
  • 17,000 visitors  
  • 550 exhibitors  

Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City

  • automotive  
  • 20,000 – 50,000 Visitors  
  • 500 exhibitors  

Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh

  • real estate & property 
  • 45,0000 visitors  
  • 800 exhibitors 

More trade shows in Vietnam can be found here:

Visiting a factory in Vietnam supplier visits in Vietnam 

Going on a business trip to Vietnam to visit potential factories is a good idea. When you visit a manufacturer, make sure they are the right company for your products and ready to carry out the order in time.

If you cannot go to Vietnam in person to see the factory, you can always commission an audit. Our inspector can visit the factory in Vietnam on your behalf and prepare a report and detailed photo and video documentation.

How to find a trustworthy supplier from Vietnam? Vietnam company due diligence

Another precaution you can take before placing is having due diligence conducted. Whether you meet a potential contractor through a third party, on a B2B marketplace, in a wholesale market, or during trade fairs, before you sign a commercial contract, check if the Vietnamese supplier is reliable. Our Vietnam company verification service provides information such as:

  • if the company is registered
  • the business vehicle and scope
  • company certificates
  • any legal proceedings pending against the company
  • etc.

Order a report on a selected supplier from Vietnam and get experts’ opinion. It is one of the best safety measures against unreliable suppliers.