How to find a trustworthy supplier from Turkey

China is called the factory of the world, but there are also other countries that are large manufacturers and exporters. One of such countries is Turkey. Whether you source from China or Turkey, international trade fraud is not uncommon. This guide will tell you how to find a trustworthy supplier from Turkey to avoid scammers.

Is China still the world’s largest manufacturer?

China was not an important player in the international market when it joined the WTO. Within a few years, however, the country has become an export powerhouse, selling textiles, toys, furniture, clothing, and other goods at low prices. Now China wants to undergo a rebranding and become a country that excels in high-tech equipment manufacturing, which will change the structure of world trade.

In terms of manufacturing, some Asian countries are emerging alongside China, like India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Turkey.

Sourcing from Turkey

Turkey is a great alternative for sourcing from China, primarily due to the fact that it takes less time to ship. For example, shipping time from Turkey to Europe is several days to weeks. Importing from Turkey to the European Union is especially beneficial since they are in the same customs union. It usually means no duty when importing from Turkey to EU countries.

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How to find suppliers from Turkey?

One of the best suppliers is the manufacturer of the product itself. If you can, place orders directly with manufacturers. You can also hire a trade agent to do the procurement for you. Keep in mind that agents charge a commission of 3-20% on the order.

Turkey directories

You can find suppliers from Turkey on:

Manufacturers and wholesale marketplaces in Turkey

If you prefer to see a variety of products from multiple manufacturers, you will find many suppliers and wholesalers in Istanbul. Some of the major wholesale markets in Istanbul are:

  • Osmanbey (clothing)
  • “İstoç” Istoch Center (clothing, furniture, perfumes, cosmetics, gifts)
  • Merter (clothing)
  • Laleli (products from many industries)
  • Fatih (leather goods, spices, nuts, clothing)
  • Mahmut Pasha (clothing, traditional and leather goods, home furnishings).

Turkish B2B platforms

If you prefer to view the products from the comfort of your home or office, you can find potential supplies in Turkey on these platforms:

Trade shows in Turkey

Fairs and exhibitions are the traditional places to look for suppliers. Participation in the fair allows you to expand your network and create business opportunities. In Turkey, trade fairs are organized by:

Trade shows in Turkey can be found here:

How to find a trustworthy supplier from Turkey? Turkey company due diligence

There are many pitfalls and scams in international trade. Many scammers, especially in Asia, take advantage of gullible importers. You can avoid fraud and protect your business if you get due diligence conducted before you place your first order. If you want to source from Turkey, you should verify your potential supplier. After a detailed background check, you will know:

  • if the company exists, and if yes, what its business form is
  • about the certificates and import registration
  • whether there are any legal proceedings against the company
  • and more.

We verify suppliers from Turkey and other Asian countries. In addition to the provided company data, the report includes an expert opinion and an assessment of the level of cooperation risk. Order your report now!