How to find a trustworthy supplier from Malaysia

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia that has an attractive supply base. Purchasing goods is easy as long as you find the right supplier. In this article, we share tips on how to find a trustworthy supplier from Malaysia and avoid scammers in international trade.

How to find a trustworthy supplier from Malaysia

Sourcing from Malaysia

Malaysia is in the top 25 exporters in the world. The top exports of Malaysia are:

  • integrated circuits (over 21% of all exports)
  • refined petroleum
  • palm oil
  • rubber apparel (the world’s biggest exporter)
  • petroleum gas

Malaysia is a partner of the ASEAN. Malaysia has signed bilateral FTAs with Australia, Chile, India, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Finding the right supplier for your product

Finding the right supplier and choosing the best procurement method is crucial for your importing business. You can find manufacturers and suppliers:

  • on B2B marketplaces & directories
  • in wholesale markets
  • in manufacturing areas
  • at trade shows

B2B platforms & directories

Exploring e-commerce marketplaces and supplier directories is beneficial for importers who want to reduce costs. These websites have procurement-friendly features.

Where can you find suppliers in Malaysia? Wholesale markets in Malaysia

Wholesale markets and malls are areas that have hundreds of vendors in one place. The prices are generally higher than at manufacturer prices. But it is a very convenient way to source various products in Malaysia. If you want to buy something in such a market, ask about the MOQ.

  1. GM Klang Wholesale City in Klang (Kelang) is the biggest wholesale mall in Malaysia. It is divided into A, B, and C blocks and has over 2,500 stores under one roof. Website:
  2. KWC Fashion Wholesale in Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s first and largest fashion wholesale mall. Website:
  3. Mobile Wholesale City in Shah Alam is perfect for sourcing consumer electronics, especially mobile phones and tablets. Website:

Trade shows in Malaysia

Visiting trade shows is the traditional way of meeting new suppliers. There are also other advantages:

  • finding out what are the trends in your industry
  • creating more business opportunities
  • testing products in person.

Examples of trade fairs held in Malaysia:

  • Cosmobeaute Malaysia (fashion, beauty)
  • Malaysia International Jewellery Fair (gems, jewelry)
  • Tastefully Food Expo (food, beverage)
  • Tastefully Food Expo (biotechnology, automation, robotics)
  • Food & Hotel Malaysia (catering equipment, hospitality)
  • MBAM OneBuild (construction, infrastructure)
  • Herbal Asia (ayurveda, herbal, wellness, organic)
  • Malaysia International Agriculture Technology Exhibition (agricultural technology)
  • Malaysia Gifts Fair (arts, crafts)
  • ARCHIDEX – International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition Malaysia (ARCHIDEX – International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition Malaysia)
  • Malaysia International Packaging & Food Processing Exhibition (food, beverages).

More trade shows in Malaysia can be found here:

Visiting a factory in Malaysia

If you go to Malaysia to attend trade fairs, you may as well kill two birds with one stone and visit potential suppliers. Building rapport face-to-face is more efficient than via online channels. Consult multiple manufacturers to get the best prices and conditions.

What should you do if visiting factories in person is out of the question? In that case, you can outsource the audit. Our inspector can visit the factory in Malaysia and prepare a report and detailed photo and video documentation for you.

How to find a trustworthy supplier from Malaysia? Malaysia company due diligence

How to find out if the potential supplier is the one for the product you want to source? One of the best safety measures you can take is to run a check on the supplier. It will protect you from getting scammed and losing money, which is a major issue, even for experienced importers.

Before you start ordering large quantities or commission products of your design, check the supplier. We verify suppliers and manufacturers from Asia, including Malaysia. We provide information such as:

  • if the company exists
  • what the business scope and form is
  • what type of certificates the company holds
  • and more.

Avoid the pitfall of being drawn into purchasing goods from an unreliable supplier from Malaysia and order a report to get the business risk evaluated. If your supplier gets a green light from us, you have probably chosen the right one!