Global Sources 2023

Trade fairs are a great chance for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and make new business relations. By attending fairs, the importers may find new suppliers and the exporters – new clients. Some of the biggest industry fairs are organized in China, like Global Sources. Where and when is the Global Sources 2023?

What is the Global Sources trade show?

Global Sources is a B2B platform established in 1971 with headquarters in Hong Kong. They connect buyers with suppliers through an online marketplace and trade fairs from different industries. It is one of the biggest portals of such kind.

When and where is the Global Sources trade show?

Since 2003, they have been organizing Global Sources fairs. Global Sources fair takes place twice a year – in April and October in AsiaWorld – Expo in Hong Kong.

Global Sources trade show

Global Sources trade show phases

The fair is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: 11 – 14 October 2023

  • Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show
  • Global Sources Electronic Components Show

These two events gather manufacturers, trade agents, suppliers, and specialists from the electronics industry. The product categories that may be found during this part of the Global Sources Show are consumer electronics, smart house technology, safety, accessories, and mobile electronics. The exhibition will be divided into five sections: computers and peripherals & gaming electronics, audio & video products, auto electronics, outdoor electronics & batteries, and electronic components. This fair is expected to attract 2,200 exhibitors and 28,000 visitors.

Global Sources phase 1

Phase 2: 18 – 21 October 2023

  • Global Sources Home & Kitchen Show

This event is centered around the kitchen and household articles. They make for a great opportunity to make yourself familiar with new trends and technologies in the industry. The exhibitions will be divided into four pavilions: kitchenware and tableware, seasonal & party products, house decorations, and household products. The fair will gather approximately 500 exhibitors and 29,000 visitors.

  • Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show

It is the biggest event globally in its industry, with around 3,000 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors. The event is divided into eleven sections: brand pavilion, start-ups, mobile accessories, cases & covers, wearable electronics, house & kitchen, tech gifts, charging products, smart home & devices, portable accessories, and regional exhibitions.

  • Global Sources Lifestyle Show

It is a new element of the trade fair that will cover sectors such as household accessories, gifts & premium products, smart toys and gadgets, festive decorations, stationery, and products for health and wellness goods.

  • Global Sources Smart Home, Security & Appliances Show

The exhibitions will be divided into five pavilions: smart home, smart lighting, security products, home appliances, and kitchen appliances. This part is supposed to attract 800 exhibitors and 29,000 visitors.

Global Sources phase 2

Phase 3: 27 – 30 October 2023

  • Global Sources Fashion Show

It is divided into fifteen sections: underwear & sleepwear, sportswear, fabrics, lace & trimmings, knitwear & kids’ zone, casual wear, socks & leggings, scarves & gloves, footwear, fashion accessories & eyewear, fashion jewelry, fashion bags, and Designers Corner. This event, closing the Global Sources series of trade shows, is expected to be attended by 500 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors.

Global Sources phase 3

How to register for Global Sources trade shows?

  1. Set up an account on the Global Sources website.
  2. Next, register for the event. Open the website. During the registration, you will have to mark which show you want to attend and give information such as:
    • name and surname
    • e-mail address
    • phone number
    • address
    • a company that you represent
    • give additional information regarding business aspects.
  3. During the pre-registration, you can choose if you want your admission badge to be sent via post or if you will personally collect it at the event. If you have an admission badge, you can attend conferences that take place during the trade shows or schedule individual meetings with the exhibitors.

Pre-registration is free, and moreover, after doing it, you will receive information about, for example, special offers that the hotels have for Global Sources trade show participants.

Should you attend Global Sources trade shows?

Global Sources trade shows attract thousands of importers and exporters. Among the large number of companies, you can find a supplier offering the best quality at an affordable price. On the other hand, the huge number of visitors can be a base of potential clients of the size that would be impossible to reach otherwise, especially for so many clients from so many countries. The presence of foreign companies is another significant advantage of this trade show as it will allow you to get a wide picture of the industry and – depending on your needs – diversify the base of suppliers or clients. Events like that also create an opportunity to exchange experiences with other representatives of your industry.

Besides the exhibitions, during this trade show, conferences also take place. They cover various topics connected to the industry that the show is about, such as how to operate within certain industries or what are predicted trends. That will allow you to enlarge your knowledge, gain a bigger perspective, and get ahead of your competition.

In the case of the Global Sources trade show, there is another important factor to consider – twice a year (in April and October as well), the biggest Chinese trade fair takes place – the Canton Fair. It is organized in Guangzhou (Canton) in Guangdong province, and its schedule is very close to the Global Sources shows. Canton Fair, like Global Sources, is divided into three phases, so you should familiarize yourself with the schedule to choose the phase you are interested in. That way, you can attend two very significant events at once that may create many unique business opportunities.

You can read about the Canton Fair on our website and decide which phase will suit you the best.

Another advantage is that Hong Kong is located very close to the Guangdong province; therefore, the trip from one fair to the other includes a short trip by train, ferry, or plane.

However, if you decide to attend both fairs at once, you must check if you need a visa to enter continental China or Hong Kong and apply for appropriate documents.

Global Sources trade show – summary

  • Global Sources trade show is an event organized by the Global Sources platform that connects suppliers and buyers.
  • The shows occur twice a year and are divided into three phases, each centered around different product categories.
  • Trade shows create many opportunities for both importers and exporters.
  • Attending the trade shows is free for visitors.
  • You can combine attending Global Sources trade shows with attending the Canton Fair.

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