12 facts about billion dollar start-up from China called Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing startups worldwide, it’s also often covered by various western media outlets, instead of another article, we prepared and for you 12 bullet point facts about this fascinating company in simple graphic.


– Company paid 3.600.000 US $ for domain name mi.com

– Xiaomi developed it’s own version of Android, called MiUi

– Full name of the company is: Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd.


– literally Xiaomi means “little rice” – “little”, mi – “rice”

– More than 3000 employees

– Still very young company, founded in 2010

– Revenue in 2013: US $5.22 billion

– Xiaomi is often called a “Apple of China” however CEO

and founder Mr. Lei Jun do not like this comparison

– Xiaomi like to hire ex-Googlers, including Hugo Bara, former

Vice President, Android Product Management

– Xiaomi’s marketing depends purely on social media, and it’s work.

– Xiaomi is producing smartphons, tablets, smart TVs and more

– Xiaomi Sold 18.7 million smartphones In 2013


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