Xiaomi sold out in Singapore

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, attracts attention again. Its products are very popular in the Chinese internal market, but the company is willing to expand further to other places. Singapore is one of the steps on the way.

Xiaomi enters Singapore and considers other markets

Singapore, recently rated as the world’s most expansive city, is a highly competitive market for mobile devices. Xiaomi decided to sell its flagship product, the Mi3 smartphone, for the price of $332. Like in China, Xiaomi decided to base its distribution model on online sales.

In February, Xiaomi already introduced in Singapore the low-cost Redmi smartphone, which sold out within 8 minutes after its first online release.

Hugo Barra, a former executive at Google, is now responsible for Xiaomi’s world expansion. The company has already entered Hong Kong and Taiwan; other Asian countries will come later. If Xiaomi is able to maintain its pace, it will someday enter European and American markets with full force.