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In our blog, we try to inspire you to transfer your production to China: we have already described several cases of successful China Sourcing (including GoPro and Nest Labs). This time, we will write about something more classical, from the branch of business which is some centuries old.

warby parker

Warby Parker was established by two entrepreneurs: David Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal. It offers fashionable eyeglass frames in competitive prices. The glasses cost only $95 (including prescription lenses), the company managed to cut the price by using the internet as the main distribution network and establishing close relationship with the Chinese factory, which produces all of the frames. The owners of the company often visit the Chinese and are familiar with the production process.

China Sourcing is like the complicated machine – it takes some time to make it running, but as soon as it starts working, it starts printing out money.

Below, the short interview with the founders of Warby Parker.


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