Trends and statistics of Chinese e-commerce (infographics)

Here we introduce another interesting infographics, which presents information about the e-commerce in China. Apart from up-to-date statistics, it also contains some forecasts, giving us a glimpse into the further development. The Chinese consumers review products in online shops quite frequently (more frequently than Americans), the shipment fee is six time lower than in the U.S. The most popular method of payment is Alipay (47% transactions), the second is Tenpay (21%). As far the most popular internet shops are concerned, Tmall has 40% market share, followed by (now and

21 e-commerce-trends

The fourth place is held by, which has 2,2% market share, but considering the difficulties of other foreign online shops (eBay didn’t achieve anything in China) it still can be counted as a success. Another American shop, which is successful in China, is NewEgg (dealing in appliance electronics – 0,7% market share). China customers think that 24/day availability and low prices are the biggest advantages of online shopping.

China is a very fast growing market: every second, two new users of the internet appear. We can observe this incredibly fast growth in the e-commerce sector as well. The infographics below was prepared by agency.