What is the Unified Social Credit Code?

When importing from China, you’ll come across some terms that are crucial to know. One of them is the Unified Social Credit Code (USCC). This code is issued to all registered companies and various organizations throughout Mainland China. What exactly is this number, and why is it so important? How to check Unified Social Credit Identifier and where to find it?

Unified Social Credit Code
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Does the website prove the existence of a Chinese company?

We have already written how many Chinese scams can be avoided by confirming the existence of the company in People’s Republic of China. A common mistake commited by businessmen who imports from China is to assume that if there is a website there is probably existing registered company. Unfortunately, often it is not. The statement “The company for certain exists, because it has got a website, the address and all, there are even pictures of the factory” is a sign of naivety. Scammers often copy the contents of the pages of existing Chinese companies, often with the address, photo and logo.


Chinese Scams

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